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Over It Sweet Rosé

Over It

A Rosé That'll Treat You Sweet

That Girl Wine x Traveling Vineyard Collab


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A Rosé That'll Treat You Sweet

Sometimes you just need a glass of wine.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what magic this beautiful beverage performs. But every time you gaze at the horizon over the rim of your glass… suddenly you gain a newfound perspective. Those big, looming anxieties don’t seem so daunting. Your small wins become major moves. One glance in the mirror and you’re like, Damn, girl. You look good. That’s when you know. You’ve unlocked unbothered status. And that, my friend, is the power of a good rosé.

Onwards and upwards!


  • You just can't even
  • Something (anything!) calls for a celebration
  • Brunch plans get canceled… again
  • The kids are away at summer camp
  • You’re getting a mani/pedi
  • You start to wonder if people still say YOLO


  • Medium body sweet rosé (a.k.a. Not too light, not too heavy, but juuuust right)
  • Flavors of melon and juicy raspberry
  • Goes with all kinds of foods
  • Tastes like it smells (We do not mess around!)
  • Originates from Mendocino County
  • Alcohol content: 13.6%
  • Product of   Columbia Valley, WA


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Columbia Valley, Washington

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