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Returns, Refunds, Guarantees

Returns and Refusals

If you wish to return a product or if you refuse delivery of a shipment, your account will be credited upon receipt of the returned items, less the original shipping cost, $20 return fee and a $20 restocking fee. If a shipment is delivered, signed for, and then a refund is requested, this will be approved at the sole discretion of Traveling Vineyard.


Credit card refunds typically take 3-5 business days to process, dependent upon your financial institution’s processing policy. Check refunds will be processed by Traveling Vineyard within 10 business days and then mailed via USPS. Mailing address confirmation is required before a check can be mailed.


All wine & accessories sold by TV are subject to the company quality guarantee for up to six months from the date of purchase. All reports of damage to wine and accessories must be reported to Traveling Vineyard within 6 months of purchase date. If an accessory that is reported as damaged within this 6-month time frame is no longer available, a credit will be issued.

Any wine that is damaged upon delivery will be replaced and any wine determined to be “spoiled” (e.g. corked, leaking, and turned), will be credited to the customer. These situations must be reported to Traveling Vineyard within 6 months of purchase date and are handled by the Traveling Vineyard Support group on a case by case basis. Refund requests received outside of this 6-month reporting time frame are at the sole discretion of Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard will always work to make sure that the fairest resolution is found for the Wine Guide and customer. Since each wine is produced/purchased in finite amounts, Traveling Vineyard cannot guarantee to meet demand at all times. If an order is placed for a wine which cannot be provided, Traveling Vineyard reserves the right to substitute a similar type and quality wine for the same price. If a substitute is not readily available, the customer will be contacted. If they elect not to have a substitute, the cost of the order will be reduced accordingly and may impact marketing fees, ongoing promotions, etc. In no case will the Event Host rewards be affected.

Short ships/miss-picks

Short ships (an item is missing) and miss-picks (the correct item was ordered but the incorrect item was sent out) must be reported to within 2 weeks of order delivery in order for Traveling Vineyard to resolve. If reported outside of this 2 week window, resolution will be reached at the sole discretion of Traveling Vineyard.