Traveling Vineyard wines are of the highest quality and most importantly, delicious! We’re not the only ones who think so. We regularly submit our wines to national and international competitions to be blindly judged. We’ve received hundreds of awards for our wines from the World Wine Championshipsthe San Francisco International Wine Competition , the Finger Lakes Wine Competition, among other notable honors. Our wines have received Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings. We’re super proud—plus, wine with a side of bling always tastes better.

Traveling Vineyard's Award Winning Wines

“We work extremely hard all year long sourcing, blending and bottling amazing wines and winning an award just goes to show how amazing our products really are” says Traveling Vineyard’s Madison Gilbride, Director of Operations. “We spend countless hours tasting, planning and forecasting our wine pipeline that includes wines from all around the world and, in some cases, creating high-quality domestic wines from grapes ourselves. While we truly believe our wines are amazing, these awards validate our beliefs and gives our Wine Guides a catalog of products they can be very proud to share.”

Choosing Traveling Vineyard Wines

How We Select Our Wines

Finding amazing wine doesn’t just happen. It takes months, and sometimes years, of watching and waiting (and sampling) high-quality wines from growers across the globe for our expert team to find the wines that deserve the Traveling Vineyard label—and bring them to you at prices that fit a real-life budget. We’ve proven year after year that real good wine doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars.

“I’ve actually have been a judge at wine competitions for nearly two decades. I judge alongside noted sommeliers, wine buyers, and masters of wine as we taste hundreds of wine per competition in a blind format. This means we don’t know the wine’s identities. We’re simply judging on quality, awarding medals to standout wines. So as a judge myself, I know the Traveling Vineyard wines’ medals are well warranted”. 

‑Leslie Sbrocco, Director of Sommology

Cucharon Double Gold

The Road to Double Gold

Our 2018 Cucharón, Red Blend, San Juan, Argentina, earned Double Gold honor, awarded by the 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC), in the category of Non-Bordeaux Blends priced at less than $25. Double Gold is a medal given to wines that receive a Gold rating by all judges on the panel, making them “exceptional” by SFIWC standards. SFIWC is one of the largest and most influential wine competitions now in its 39th year, making it one of the oldest international wine competitions in the world. According to the SFIWC, “Not only is an SFIWC medal a testament to your hard work, it’s a universally recognized indicator of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.” “When one of our wines—that we’ve already fallen in love with—receives high recognition from an organization like the San Francisco International Wine Competition, it’s the icing on the cake,” said Traveling Vineyard’s CEO and “Chief Grape Stomper” Rick Libby. “The fact that we can bring exceptional wine to our consumers at an affordable price is something we take great pride in. ‘Real good wine’ is our signature, and this award supports that effort.”

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