Get started in three simple steps

The direct sales life with Traveling Vineyard is pretty simple and, thanks to our system of training and support, it’s easy to dive right in.

  • Connect

    We’ll connect you with a leader to answer all your questions and help you get started in your new wine business.

  • Enroll

    Purchase your Success Kit and complete the online enrollment process to officially become a Wine Guide!

  • Explore

    Upon enrollment we’ll take you through our new Wine Guide training at your own pace to get you started in your new business.

Luxx and Three Hearts wine with food

Getting connected

The first thing that happens when you submit your interest is that you’re connected to a leader. Leaders are there to answer any of your questions. They’ve been in your shoes, they’ve learned the ropes. They’re happy to pass on their knowledge and experience and to help support your goals.

Wine Guide's learning together

Training and support

When you enroll as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, we’ll hook you up with a shiny, new Tasting Room—a virtual training library where you will access all of our trainings and manage your new wine business. You will be guided through a fun and informative training curriculum that covers everything you need to get started and be successful, without being overwhelmed. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you’ll have a wealth of information and material available to help you grow your business based on your goals and dreams.

Success starts with a kit

While most direct sales companies have a starter kit, we have a Success Kit—with the essential tools and wine to get you started and set up for success at first sip. Once you decide what kit is right for you and enroll as a Wine Guide, you will receive your kit. All that’s left to do is get ready to launch your new wine business!