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Besti Sweet Red


A Sweet(heart) of a Red

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That Girl Wine x Traveling Vineyard Collab


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A Sweet(heart) of a Red

A wine that doesn’t love you at your worst, doesn’t deserve you at your best. That’s why you need to find a bottle you can truly depend on. One that won’t judge your food pairings (or lack thereof), your taste in music, or how many days you’ve been wearing those sweatpants. A good wine will taste delicious even when mixed with tears, whether you’ve been sobbing through heartbreak or laughing until you cry.

Cheers to the memories, old and new.


  • Reminiscing with your best friend (in human form)
  • It’s the first sign of sweater weather
  • Binge watching reality TV
  • You’re in love
  • You’re out of love
  • A good, long hug is in order


  • Full body red blend
  • Toasty and earthy notes
  • Flavors of black currant and plum
  • Goes with all kinds of foods
  • Tastes like it smells (Trust is key, girlfriend.)
  • Alcohol content: 13.2%
  • Product of California
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Spicy Chili

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