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Spooktacular Halloween Wine Pairings

Nothing screams Halloween more than themed treats and loads of candy! We’ve gathered some of our favorite spooktacular pairings for the perfect Halloween wine tasting. Bone appetit!

White Wine Pairings

Trick or treat yo’self. Get ghoulish with these fresh white wine pairings.

hoot and candy apple pairing

Why do owls like Halloween? Because it’s a hoot! Our semi-sweet Hoot White Blend, is the perfect pairing for a crunchy candy apple. The tartness of the apple and its thick sugary coating are the perfect antidote to the sweet, peachy flavors of our Muscat Canelli white wine blend.

zeffer hills and candy corn fudge pairing, spooktacular halloween pairings

Candy corn might be the most controversial Halloween treat there is. If you’re a hater of this bright treat, you may change your tune when pairing it with our Zeffer Hills Chardonnay. The buttery vanilla notes from Chardonnay complement that signature vanilla candy corn taste.

Red Wine Pairings

Eat, drink, and be scary. Cool fall nights call for red wine. And red wine calls for chocolate. Let’s do this thing.

tanglerose and ghost brownies pairing

Your Pinterest Halloween treat dreams have just been realized. These ghoulish marshmallow ghosts are the perfect topping to an already decadent chocolate brownie. Pair this fa-boo-lous treat with our red blend, Tanglerose.

moto rouge and peanut butter cups pairing, spooktacular halloween pairings

Witch better have my candy! Halloween wouldn’t be the same fang-tastic fun without this fan favorite, known as the top pick for trick-or-treaters everywhere. Pair your favorite peanut butter cups with our daring Moto Rouge, Nebbiolo, for an adventure you won’t forget. #squadghouls

pendeloque and mint chocolate pairing

Get batty for this perfect pairing. Mint chocolate is a “wow” pairing for Cabernet Sauvignon, especially with our Pendeloque, Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend. You’ll feel bone to be wild with this perfect treat pairing.

Sweet Wine Pairings

Where are our Hallo-queens at? Indulge your sweet tooth with these wickedly sweet treats!

fissata and halloween cookies pairing, spooktacular halloween pairings

Ghouls just want to have fun … with themed treats that is! Wrap up your gourd-ous Halloween soiree with our Fissata Red and themed Halloween sugar cookies. Trick or treat … if you dare!

Keep the Halloween fun going! Book your own free in-home wine tasting to try out your own spooktacular Halloween wine pairings creations. Boooo-k yours today!

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