Wines for Every Thanksgiving Personality

Wines for Every Thanksgiving Personality

Thanksgiving is the time of year to be thankful—for family, friends, yummy food, and yes—wine! We’ve found the perfect wine pairings for Thanksgiving dinner based on your Thanksgiving personality. Let’s dig in and find the right wine for you!

The Plus One

We’ve all been here. You’re the new significant other meeting the entire extended family on Thanksgiving—yikes. For this stressful day, pair it with our 2019 Polpo Blu, Pecorino, for a fun light-hearted white wine with a label that will make the future in-laws swoon. More of a red lover? Go with our Lí Per Te, Rosso Veneto – meaning “for you”, this Italian love story will transport your Thanksgiving crowd to the vineyards of Italy, and away from the peppering of questions. You’re welcome.


The Couch Potato

You took one look at the turkey and you’re already ready for a nap. We get it, turkey time means sleepy time. Before you conk out for the day, grab a glass of our 2018 Lazy Lab, Cabernet Sauvignon. Feeling sweet? Go with our 2019 Pajama Drama, Malvasia Bianca, for a sleepy-time serum. Pair with your choice of jammies.


The Football Fanatic

Are you ready for some football? As the resident football fanatic, you probably wore your jersey to dinner and changed the channel as soon as you walked through the door. If you can peel yourself away from the game, have a glass of our 2019 Hoot, White Wine Blend. Your hoots and hollers at the TV will pair perfectly. Done with the game but can’t stop with football? Pair your backyard game victory dance with our 2019 Bailando, Superior Malbec. No flags for this touchdown dance.


The Cleaner

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. You somehow pulled the short stick on this one, but don’t worry—we’ve got the perfect wine for a yummy reward. Pop the cork on our 2019 Beeline, Muscat of Alexandria, for a sweet treat with a bright label that will have you forgetting about all the gunk you just cleaned. Red lovers, try our 2016 Sky Blossom, Red Blend, for a spicy finish to your epic cleaning journey. Thanks again for putting in all the elbow grease on this one.


The Host with the Most

You’re the real champion of the day. As the MVP, you should be rewarded with the greatest honor. Our pick? Our 2018 LUXX, Merlot. Nothing says I opened up my house to my extended family, cooked for 24 hours, and used all of my dishes for this dinner quite like a glass of this luxurious Merlot. More of a rosé drinker? Our 2019 Lancre, Rosé is the perfect sipper for a job well done—and for that pumpkin pie you worked so hard on. Cheers to you.


Order your Thanksgiving wine today, 6 bottles ship free.

Now that you’ve got the perfect wine for your Thanksgiving personality, stock up for the big day. Order by November 16, 2020, with your favorite Wine Guide for delivery by Thanksgiving. Six or more bottles always ship free! Eat, drink and give thanks, wine lovers.

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