Wine: The Perfect Summer Job for Teachers

Wine: The Perfect Summer Job for Teachers

Skip the apple, bring grapes—in liquid form. It’s true: Teachers LOVE wine. Not only are teachers some of our best customers, they also know how to rock the Wine Guide Life. Our teachers-by-day/Wine Guides-by-night tell us that the Traveling Vineyard “side hustle” is a perfect fit for their skills and their schedules. Just ask Evan Trad!

Evan has been a special education teacher in Chicago for 10 years, where his greatest joy has been “watching that ‘lightbulb’ moment,” when a student who has been struggling with a skill or concept makes the connection and “it all just clicks.”

Teacher Job Traveling Vineyard

Evan Trad toasting to the Wine Guide Life at Traveling Vineyard’s Harvest 2016 in Denver.

As a Wine Guide, Evan gets to inspire lightbulb moments for grown-up “students” as he demystifies wine at in-home wine tastings. His journey began when he was looking for a way to make extra income while away from the classroom.

“I wanted something fun and flexible, where I could set my hours and earn money along the way,” Evan says. “I stumbled across Traveling Vineyard while having breakfast and scrolling through Facebook, and thought, ‘Wow, this sounds like fun!’”

Three years later, his direct sales wine business has become more than just a side job. Evan says he has experienced each of Traveling Vineyard’s “5F” benefits over the course of his journey—fun, flexibility, financial reward, fulfillment, and friendship.

Why should you join Traveling Vineyard? We can give you five good reasons.

Evan has developed friendships with Wine Guides across the country and made strong connections with his team. “I have loved all the people I have met and the amount of support provided by the company and fellow Wine Guides. Not many people can say they have had selfies with their company’s CEO!” As for financial reward, Evan spent 17 days in Europe last summer thanks to the extra income he earned from his wine business.

Teachers Love Wine

Wine has also become a new passion for Evan. “When I started as a Wine Guide, I knew that wine was red or white, I knew I liked to drink Riesling—and that was about it. Since then, I have learned, through the company and my own interest, so much about wine—especially pairing wine with food!”

Food, wine, friends, and extra income? Being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is a perfect summer job for teachers, Evan says. “You won’t regret it. Teaching 30 children for seven hours a day about the core subjects is just like teaching 15 adults about wine!”

Cheers to Evan and all our teacher/Wine Guides for the work they do in the classroom, and the energy they bring to our company. Follow us on Facebook this week as we toast more of our amazing teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

If you’re interested in a direct sales opportunity that involves wine and fun, learn more about becoming a Wine Guide today!

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