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What to Expect at Your Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting

Hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting is simple, fun and educational. We’re always being told it’s a direct selling “party” like no other because not only do you get to sample and order wine with friends, but you genuinely learn new things and share laughs. If you’ve never attended one of our events, you might be curious about how they work and what to expect. We asked Emerald Director Jenny Kuzbek to share her advice on what to expect from your Traveling Vineyard wine tasting. Her top tip? Keep it simple and have fun.

Save the Date

Once you’ve connected with a Wine Guide near you, you’re ready to plan the perfect date for your wine tasting event. Your event will last less than two hours, so there’s no need to carve out a whole day or evening! Week nights are fun because they’re laid back, hassle-free and they make for a perfect ladies night out—right when you need a little break from life. Weekends can be great, too, especially for couples’ nights, brunch-themed events and happy hour tastings.

Invite Friends

Once you find a date that works well for you and you decide on your Guest list, your Wine Guide will create your invitation for you and send it via Facebook, email, text—or all three, whatever works best for you and your friends. The ideal size of a wine tasting is 8-18 Guests. This way, there are enough wine lovers in attendance to help you earn some extra perks, but still plenty of wine to go around. Your Wine Guide will build excitement among your Guests by sharing tips and sneak peaks at some of the wines. It’s hard not to get excited about a wine night! With a date on the calendar, and Guests excited to taste and order wine with you—you’re ready to learn more about those extra perks, Host Rewards.

Get to Know Our Host Rewards

Host Rewards start with five free bottles of wine for you and your Guests to sample as you learn about wine and food pairing at your event! Hosts can also earn up to 4 additional bottles of free wine and discounted wine depending on the sales of the event. There’s more! Typically, Guests will book their own wine tasting event from your event, which gives you as the Host the opportunity to purchase wine accessories at half off. Finally, Hosts can sign up for our exclusive wine subscription, REWINED, at 20% off their first month. We’re always offering fun new perks for Hosts through seasonal and special offers, too, so be sure to ask your Wine Guide!

Choose Your Sommology Menu

Your Wine Guide will bring five free bottles of wine to your home for your tasting event. You have the option to provide five simple food pairings to enhance the wine tasting experience, depending on your style and budget. Your Wine Guide will help you customize the perfect tasting menu based on our Sommology wine pairing method. From simple cheese and chocolate pairings, to popcorn and potato chips, to appetizers, entrees and desserts—your menu is up to you. You don’t need to be a chef—or even like to cook—because your food pairing suggestions can be as uncomplicated as you like. My Hosts love to do pizza pairings and charcuterie boards!

Our 98% satisfaction rating is based on the results of more than 8,000 Host reviews. We share every review we receive! Stop by and read our latest!

We Do the Set Up

Your Wine Guide will arrive about 10 minutes before the start of the event. He or she will bring wine tasting glasses, tasting guides, wine info—and, of course, the five complimentary bottles of wine for you and your Guests. Once your Guests arrive and are greeted by you and your Wine Guide, they will gather around for the tasting event. The best spot is a table, high counter, family room or patio. And just like that—it’s time to sip and shop!

Learn, Laugh and Find a Favorite Wine

Now for the best part: wine tasting! Have you ever plugged your nose and eaten a jelly bean? What does that have to do with wine? Your event will start with some really fun and eye-opening ways to experience wine, like this one. Then, it’s time for you and your Guests to sample wine with the foods you chose and prepared from your Sommology menu, and find a favorite Traveling Vineyard wine.

Once you try high-quality wine at a great affordable price paired with the correct flavors, you will quickly fall in love. Our average price point is $17, with all wines being under $30, and the majority falling between $15-$20 per bottle. Wine Guides love to see Guests grow from sweet wine lovers to lovers of bold reds over the course of a few events. It’s such a fun way to get people together and it’s the best way to buy wine—try before you buy! People also enjoy our accessory demonstrations. They like to try the aerator and giggle over the sound it makes! It’s so much fun! It never gets boring, either. You might find that you love Hosting each year, or each time new wines are released. Our wine guides hear from their Hosts over and over that our events are not only the best home party but the best wine tasting experience—because it’s a laid back experience in the company of good friends and from the comfort of home, and you learn so much.

Stack Your Wine Rack

One of the best things about our wine tasting events is the opportunity to try before you buy, and stock up on wines you know you will enjoy. No more mystery shopping by label and no more dinner time disappointments when a store-bought bottle doesn’t live up to your expectations. After sampling five bottles of wine, Guests can place a wine order with your Wine Guide. Wine is guaranteed to be delivered in two weeks, but is typically there sooner. Shipping wine does come with a cost (at wineries the shipping rate can be anywhere from $30-$60), but we’ve worked hard to provide an amazing shipping rate at our events—Guests can order a case of wine—12 bottles—for a low rate of $9.95– that is 83 cents a bottle. Or, sign up for our REWINED wine subscription and enjoy the lowest possible shipping rate of $5.95 for six or more bottles. To make checkout quick and enjoyable, our Wine Guides use an app on their mobile device. Guests can view wine information or go straight to their order. Soon, their wine will arrive right to their door at a time when someone 21 or over will be available to receive the order (you can also order to your office or another location where an adult can accept your wine). Be ready with the best address and you’ll be all set!

Think About Becoming a Wine Guide

Once you see how fun and easy it is for your Wine Guide to run your wine tasting event, you might be wondering if the #wineguidelife is right for you. As a Host, you can turn your wine tasting event into what we call a decider event, which comes with an exclusive Host discount on your Success Kit—you can apply your event shopping discount to the kit! It’s an incredible offer.

Easy, fun and you end up with a fully stocked wine rack filled with wine you love. Are you ready to Host? We’re here to help. Submit an inquiry here and let’s share the wine! Message us on Facebook if you have more questions about Hosting a wine tasting with Traveling Vineyard.

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