Welcome to The Traveling Vineyard

Welcome to The Traveling Vineyard

RickThe Traveling Vineyard Story …


My name is Rick Libby and I am the Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader for The Traveling Vineyard (hey don’t laugh, it’s better than other titles I’ve heard). In 2001, we created The Traveling Vineyard as a unique in home Tasting Event concept similar to a Tupperware party to supplement a long standing and very reputable catalog mail order company called Geerlings & Wade.

We held our first experimental in home tasting in Tampa, Florida in November of 2001. The home tasting concept is completely different in that a set of selected wines is marketed directly to guests attending an in-home wine tasting. The tasting is conducted by Independent Wine Consultants who love wine, love to educate and inform and love the fun, friendships, flexibility, financial reward and fulfillment that they derive from their role as Independent Traveling Vineyard Consultants.

The company has experienced steady growth due to its unique concept and exclusive, high quality products. Presently, TTV has many Consultants in the states we are licensed to hold Events in. We invite you to dig into our information and learn more about our products, the opportunity to host one of our unique wine tasting events in the comfort of your own home and maybe, even consider becoming one of our traveling Vineyard Independent Wine Consultants – personally, I can’t think of a better job!

There’s more to the Traveling Vineyard story!

Please know that our Mission is –

To share our enthusiasm for fine wine, while demystifying the wine tasting and selection process.

To bring people together in a relaxed, home environment, providing Hosts and their guests with an entertaining and informative wine tasting experience.

To build relationships and strengthen friendships while rewarding Hosts with a generous rewards program and Consultants with fun, friendships, fulfillment, flexibility and financial reward along with the ability to learn and share their love of wine.

I hope I can welcome you to our family of wine loving, grape stomping enthusiasts!

And that’s the Traveling Vineyard story!

All the best – Rick

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