Three Steps To Home Based Business Success

Three Steps To Home Based Business Success

Our consultants are a key ingredient for The Traveling Vineyard – along with the wine, of course. That’s why we deliver everything you need to be a home based entreprenuer success right at the start.

Once you decide to become a Traveling Vineyard Consultant, there’s a three-step process that puts you on the path to making money from your home based business and sharing our love of wine with friends, old and new.

All you need to get started in our business in a box

TTV Success Kit

The first step is the purchase of our Success Kit. Your kit will include all the administrative items and accessories to run your business and offer product demonstrations, including

  • Tasting glasses
  • A convenient carry box
  • A six-bottle wine carrier
  • Wine accessories
  • Web site access
  • Marketing materials, including brochure and a news release to announce your business
  • Various administrative forms

It’s your business in a box. The Success Kit costs $99 – and we’ll show you how to recoup that cost quickly.

The second step is to purchase your first two tasting sets for $75. The wine in these two sets is a $160 value, so that’s a 53 percent discount. Once you buy them, you’ll never need to buy another tasting set if you’re successful.

What does success look like? Success is a “qualified” tasting event – an event that results in at least $150 in what we term Interest To Orders. Ask anyone of our hundreds of consultants across the country and you’ll find that it’s not hard to reach that mark. Our average events run well over $400. Even better, our surveys tell us that 2 or 3 people out of 10 at a Traveling Vineyard free home wine tasting event will want to book their very own event, so our Consultants find it very easy to fill their calendars.

Every time you host a qualifying event, you’ll get a certificate or bonus to replace a tasting set. We do things this way for a very honest reason: We need to prevent people from selling our tasting sets. It’s just that simple.

The third and final step on your road to success gives you an incentive to make back your start-up costs.

If you host three qualifying events in your first 60 days as a Traveling Vineyard consultant, we will give you a $99 refund. That refund wipes out what you paid for the Success Kit in step one.

That’s how it works.

We give you everything you need to get started in a fun and profitable home-based business. You introduce friends and neighbors to the joys of wine through free tasting events. It’s easy, fun and financially rewarding and fits conveniently into your schedule.

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