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The Secret to Getting Unstuck? Take Action.

Wine Guide and Guest Blogger Emily Eck is in the second year of her wine business. With four kiddos at home, she knows what it’s like to get stuck in your comfort zone when it comes to running your own business. Things get hectic and the standard operating procedure seems “good enough” … until it isn’t. Read on for her advice on getting unstuck and revitalizing your vision.

Many of us spent a good amount of our time in 2020 patiently waiting for the glimmer of hope and change to be 2021. How has the New Year treated you so far? If you’re feeling stuck, it’s never too late to break free of what’s holding you back. Don’t waste any more time wishing for change while not be willing to leave your comfort zone. The truth is that you don’t have to know where you are going at this very moment. You only have to know that you want to move forward from where you’re at and get unstuck.

Revisit your “why” to help you take action

It’s so easy to say, “I want to do/be/accomplish/change ____ this year,” but you have to put some action behind it. Before you can even do that, you need to understand what is it that you want. If you’re feeling stuck, or maybe business isn’t moving as much as you feel it should, or maybe you just feel simply unmotivated it’s probably because you’re not aligned with your “WHY” in your business. I think that we often over-analyze and complicate our plans when really it comes down to getting back to the basics. I encourage you to spend some time revisiting your “WHY” in the upcoming weeks, even if you’re steady on the road to success! For example, my “why” for Traveling Vineyard is to be present in the lives of my four small children (especially the one who can be sprung into virtual learning at any given moment) while not sacrificing my own sanity and source of income. A quick re-evaluation of your “WHY” can align you in a way that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and redefine your business in 2021.

Which of the 5 Fs drive you?

If it’s flexibility, are you participating in business methods that fit your crazy schedule, or are you trying to do something you see someone else is having success without asking if it’s the right action for you? It can be stressful trying to do something we don’t fully enjoy or that might not feel natural, so make sure you’re having fun in your business. Did you come to Traveling Vineyard because you were looking for something to fill your cup? Don’t lose sight of what fulfills you. Connect with your fellow wine friends (guides and customers alike) in a new way. Maybe you came for the financial rewards. How can you shift your mindset around those goals? Is it saying, “I want to market 75 bottles of wine this month,” or “I need to sell $1,250 worth of wine?” It’s also possible that when you first became a Wine Guide the “F” that drove you is different than it is now, and that is more than okay and a crucial part of the growth process.

When I first joined Traveling Vineyard, the benefit that drove me the most was having fun. I had hosted and attended numerous tastings at that point and there wasn’t one that wasn’t a breath of fresh air to me. Over time, however, that changed to fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong, I love (and will always love) to have a great time, but as a stay-at-home parent, things can get lonely, and the friendships I have gained from this opportunity have been nothing short of life changing! After you’ve figured out Why Traveling Vineyard?, it will be easier to choose business tactics that align with your core values.

Take time to dig deep and do some soul searching to re-align with your “WHY” and not let your 2021 goals stay on a piece of paper, but truly come to fruition for you!

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