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Tasting Stories: Spicing Things Up with a Blind Tasting

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to Host a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting? Our Tasting Stories bring you inside real wine tasting events and tell you what made them memorable and fun for Hosts and Guests! Tasting Stories are inspired by Five-Star reviews submitted by real Hosts.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Morgan Williams

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Morgan Williams, at right, poses with her repeat Host, Andrea Turner.

Wine Guide Morgan Williams met Andrea Turner through the school district they work for in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the two soon became friends on Facebook. Andrea noticed that Morgan had become a Wine Guide, and says she knew right away she wanted to Host a wine tasting.

Andrea has since hosted five wine tasting events with Morgan, who is now a Team Leader with Traveling Vineyard. That’s what inspired Morgan to suggest a blind tasting for her most recent event—she wanted to spice things up for the repeat Host. Andrea was game!

At the event, five complimentary tasting wines were placed in bags to hide their labels, and then numbered for tasting order. Guests were challenged to taste the wines and make a guess as to which type of wine they were tasting. “Guests really had to dig in and describe the wines,” Morgan says.

The challenge of the blind tasting was a big draw for Andrea’s Guests. “It was fun to try to guess the wines by the flavor, color, and scent,” Andrea says. “My mom even booked a blind tasting for herself from this event!”

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Guests were eager to learn more once they engaged in the blind tasting. Wine Guide Morgan walked them through the steps of wine tasting, and introduced them to the unique characteristics of each wine and how pairing food with the wine enhanced the flavors. Andrea says pairing was one of the biggest eye-openers for her.

“There were several wines I liked before the food, but not after, and vice versa. I have always heard what a difference it makes, but never really understood until having this event with Morgan!” That’s what we call an “A-ha!” moment!

Morgan’s biggest “a-ha!” moment came from a Guest’s powerful comment. “They said, ‘I learned more from you in five minutes than I ever learned from a winery.'”

Host Andrea says she enjoyed the selection of Traveling Vineyard wines, and the fact that each tasting she’s had has featured new labels and varietals. “I love most of the wines that we have tried throughout the tastings I’ve hosted and been a Guest at! There are so many great choices.” But she admits she’s sweetest on our sweet red, Fissata. You’re in good company, Andrea. It’s our customer favorite.

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