Tasting Stories: Girls' Night In Brings the Winery Experience Home

Tasting Stories: Girls' Night In Brings the Winery Experience Home

“I just hosted a wine tasting and it was a blast!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to Host a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting? Our Tasting Stories bring you inside real wine tasting events and tell you what made them memorable and fun for Hosts and Guests! Tasting Stories are inspired by Five-Star reviews submitted by real Hosts.

home wine tasting with traveling vineyard in Anaheim


Jackie Garibay is a realtor in Anaheim, California, and helped Wine Guide Krista Yadav and her husband find their dream home. Jackie had attended a couple of Krista’s tastings as a Guest, and says, “I had such a great time that I wanted to share it with my friends and loved ones.”


Krista knew that Jackie’s family hailed from Argentina, so she included Traveling Vineyard’s Argentinian Malbec at the tasting. “Krista was very helpful. She created the event on Facebook and got everyone excited with her posts leading up to the event.


Host Jackie says she enjoyed learning more about pairing food and wine at the event. She also says, “The grape and lemon test blew my mind!” Wine Guide Krista’s favorite moment was helping a Guest discover the first wine she’d ever enjoyed. “One of the Guests was not a big wine drinker, but tasted and participated throughout the event. When we got to Fissata, she lit up and loved it.” View more Tasting Story moments on Instagram.


Jackie’s favorite wines from her tasting event were our Malbec, Bailando, and our sweet red, Fissata. She says she would recommend hosting a tasting with Traveling Vineyard. “It is a couple of hours of FUN, FUN, FUN! Where else can you learn what we learned without going to a winery? Bring the wine tasting into the comfort of your own home!”

Host Your Own Tasting. Or, discover the Wine Guide Life with Traveling Vineyard!

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