Super Bowl Sunday and Wine Pairings

Super Bowl Sunday and Wine Pairings

Get the ultimate wine and tailgating guide for your Super Bowl party. Written by Guest Blogger, Mary Speight.

One of my favorite past times is watching football every Sunday. I’ve been watching football for as long as I can remember, and most, if not all, of my friends and family members know that I don’t do much on Sunday other than stay home and watch the games.

February isn’t only dedicated to Valentine’s and Galentine’s, it’s also the Super Bowl, the Ultimate Tail Gating party. Even if my team isn’t playing (GO PATRIOTS!), and they aren’t in it this year, I still host a Super Bowl party. It’s usually just me and my roommate, but there is good food and wine! So then, what’s on the menu for Super Bowl Sunday?

Kickoff with a Fizzy & Fun Start

Let’s start out with brunch. This year will be a recent item on my menu, a scrambled egg skillet with cottage fries, diced bacon and cheese. I’m pairing this first dish with a mimosa or a fizzy drink, like our Never Have I Ever, Fizzy Sauvignon Blanc, topped with orange juice. Perfect for tailgating and game day, Never Have I Ever comes in individual cans, too.

I may also start with a semi-sweet wine like our 2021 Caballeria de Luna, Penedès White. Add ice and top Caballeria de Luna with pineapple juice to make a refreshing cocktail, then finish it off with a splash of vodka and soda water. After brunch and before the main event, I then create a charcuterie board for wines I’ll serve, as well.

Easy Touchdown Pairings

On the menu this year for the main event is pigs in a blanket (lil smokies wrapped in croissants). I’m pairing this with our recent release, 2020 Bentgate, Cabernet Sauvignon, because of the smoke from the lil smokies. I’m also pairing Bentgate with mini corn dogs.

I’m also making a touch down taco dip and serving tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole, and white chili. I’m pairing these items with our 2021 Zapatazo, Torrontés from Mendoza, Argentina. The spiciness in these dishes will enhance the sweetness of the wine, so they won’t compete with one another. Remember, sweet likes heat! Though Zapatazo is a dry still wine, the floral and fruity aromas play nicely with the spices in the dip, salsa, and chili.

No matter which team you are rooting for, or if your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, you can still treat yourself and/or invite your friends over for a good time, good food, and good wine.

Want to host your own Football Sunday themed wine tasting? Get in touch with a Wine Guide and book yours today!

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