Our Picks for Food on a Stick

Our Picks for Food on a Stick

We don’t know exactly who created Something on a Stick Day, but if we met them we’d give them a high five. Let’s face it—bite-sized food on a stick is just better. It’s delicious (bonus when it’s deep fried). It’s convenient—you can comfortably hold your wine glass in one hand while noshing with the other. And, well, it’s pretty much the most fun you can have with food. So what’s your pick for the best eats on a stick? Here are a few that caught our eye and inspired our own wine pairing chart for this special occasion—perfect excuse for a wine party!

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Get Inspired for Your Food-on-a-Stick Wine Tasting
  • Kebab is the OG food on a stick. In Phoenix, Arizona, at neighborhood bar and restaurant Windsor, they offer meat and veggie-loaded “Picnic Kebobs” with a side of spicy pepper dip and their “gold sauce” to snack on among the saguaro cacti.
  • When in Wisconsin, eat the cheese. We dairy you to take on the Deconstructed Wisconnie Cristo Grilled Cheese on a Stick at the Wisconsin State Fair. According to the State Fair website, this inventive take on the Monte Cristo sandwich features ham and Swiss cheese sauce on Texas French toast with butterscotch chocolate.

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  • Head to the land of rock ‘n’ roll and rollercoasters for Brownie Pops at Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop in Cleveland and grab an ooey-gooey brownie that’s dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sugar or other seasonal toppings. Bite into this sweet treat and the next thing out of your mouth will be, “Sweet Moses!”
  • The breakfast sandwich was the first to put everything good about waking up right in the palm of your hand—thanks McDonald’s! But… it’s 2019 and we’re all about waffles on stick. Sweet Combforts in Irvine, California, is home to the honeycomb shaped waffle pop made out of Belgian liege waffles, dipped in a variety of toppings and served on a stick. We’re drawn to the Churro Crunch version. Debuting in 2017 at Coachella, the treat is quickly catching the eye of breakfast fans everywhere.

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  • Who invented the corn dog? That’s debatable. But Cozy Dog Drive-In in Springfield, Illinois, is a top contender—claiming to be the original home of the hot dog on a stick, which makes it the best, right? Road trip to this hot dog stand and judge for yourself!
  • Maine Blueberry Pops round out our list of the best eats on a stick. Kate’s Bakery & Cafe in Kittery, Maine, made the news with perfectly packaged blueberry pies on a stick. We never say no to pie, especially when it’s sitting pretty on a pop!

We’re starting to think that just about any food can be reimagined to become food on a stick. What a wonderful world that would be. We’ll bring the wine. So, how will you celebrate Something on a Stick Day? Stop by our Facebook page and tell us your favorite food on a stick!

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