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Host a Wine Tasting and Enjoy Exclusive Perks and Host Rewards

We’ve unveiled new ways to win with wine when you Host a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting. Learn more about our new Host Rewards and Guest Rewards!

What’s new with Host Rewards?

Hosts tell us they love the Traveling Vineyard wine tasting experience because it’s a blast and they learn things they never knew about tasting wine and pairing wine with food—all while enjoying a relaxing time with friends. But, our favorite part of the experience is making sure our Hosts feel special and rewarded. That’s why we’ve revamped our Traveling Vineyard Host and Guest rewards!

Our new Host Rewards keep things fresh for our repeat Hosts, who love the experience of the tasting so much that they host multiple times throughout the year. Now, there’s always something new to look forward to every time you host!

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness

Here’s a quick look at what to expect from our new program.

Get your own bottle! We now offer a Host Exclusive wine for our wine tasting event Hosts. The Host Exclusive wine is a specially selected wine reserved just for Hosts. As a Host, you can even apply your Host Discount—up to 25%—to the purchase of our Host Exclusive bottle or choose the Host Exclusive bottle as a bonus reward priced at just $10 when you order three bottles of wine. Plus, you can earn up to three complimentary bottles of wine on the orders your Guests submit—including our Host Exclusive bottle.

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“At Traveling Vineyard, we want to make sure our Hosts are well taken care of, so what we’ve done is offer Host Exclusive wine available to Hosts at wine tasting events. These are wines that Wine Guides and customers would be dying to get their hands on, but we want to make sure our Hosts have exclusive access,” says Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness.

2017 Veronica Creek Paired With Food
2017 Veronica Creek, California Red Wine, was our first Host Exclusive wine. Host Exclusives are available only for wine tasting event Hosts at their tasting. Photo Credit: Sue Endress.

With our new Host Rewards, our Hosts will:

  • Receive five complimentary bottles to enjoy at your wine tasting event.
  • Unlock access to Host Exclusive items just by hosting!
  • Apply your Host Discount, up to 25%, to their own purchase—including your first month of our REWINED wine subscription—based on total orders from your event.
  • Enjoy Guest Rewards! For every three bottles ordered Hosts are eligible to choose one of our Guest Rewards (up to 4 for a case of wine), like discounted wine accessories or a $10 bottle wine from our select offering.

“Being a Host is a pretty good gig. Plus, if you fall in love with company and you turn your tasting event into a Decider Event—you can walk away with your own wine business and a new stream of income for less than $99,” says Kate. “That’s a reward that keeps giving.”

Guests win, too!

You’ve invited your friends and family into your home and, just like you, we want them to feel special and appreciated. That’s why we’ve added wine to Guest Rewards! Guests can now choose $10 wines as part of our Guest Reward program when you purchase three bottles. Sip and save—it’s kind of our thing. Plus, there’s no better way to expand your palate than trying a new wine! Our new $10 wine option gives you the chance to do just that!

It’s easy to book a wine tasting! Reach out to us today and we’ll connect you with an amazing Wine Guide near you. Before you know it, you will be laughing, learning—and loading up on rewards from Traveling Vineyard.

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