Our First Collab! That Girl Wine Co.

Our First Collab! That Girl Wine Co.

We at Traveling Vineyard recently collaborated with That Girl Wine Co. to bring you the sassiest, sweetest wines you’ll ever meet. From ‘Holy Chic’ to ‘Yay Day,’ find a Traveling Vineyard x That Girl Wine to fit your every mood with Wine Guide and Guest Blogger, Ashleigh Campbell.

A wine for every mood might just be better than a pair of shoes for every occasion! In the two weeks since we launched our first-ever collab with That Girl Wine, I have found myself reaching for the label that matches my mood—and boy, has it been fun.

Holy Chic

Ever since I switched to permanently working remotely, I have two types of clothes, athleisure and wedding attire. Mom’s-night-out at a local restaurant has become quite the elegant affair! As I ran out the door (because the only running I do is running late) I grabbed a bottle of Holy Chic, and that’s exactly what my friends said as I walked into the restaurant. Ya know, after one of them pulled a cheerio out of my hair, because toddler.

Holy Chic is a smooth Chenin Blanc, balanced in acidity between Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. It’s great for nights when you’re dressed to the nines or hanging in your fancy sweat pants.

Lady Like

One of my favorite movies is Miss Congeniality. I never get tired of watching it. Lady Like reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character, Gracie Lou Freebush. She’s gorgeous but can still take down any guy that tries to mess with her.

Lady Like is fruity and sweet, with a hint of spice to keep you on your toes. It pairs well with most food from sweet to spicy. Even the donut Gracie hides in her dress!

Talk Sauce

If wine were a meme, this wine would be that one of Michael Jackson eating popcorn. I popped the cork on Talk Sauce while popping some popcorn so I could read the latest rant on the local mom’s facebook group. Chardonnay pairs perfectly with popcorn and popcorn pairs perfectly with gossip—and that’s how you get Talk Sauce!

Over It

When it hasn’t been your day, your month, or even your year, Over It will be there for you! When your toddler is screaming because you gave him the wrong blue cup, or you realize you have to be in three different places at the same time for kids activities, or the work keeps piling up and you’re not getting overtime because you’re salaried, reach for a glass of Over It and suddenly everyone is so pretty!

Just like Over It solves most of your problems, Rosé pairs beautifully with most foods. So, whether you’re eating the cold easy mac your kid refused to eat, or an entire bag of potato chips, Over It will be your perfect pair.

Yay Day

Last week I nailed a meeting with a client. Like totally nailed it. I was dancing around my desk while my coworkers were messaging me congratulations. It took all the patience in the world to wait until 5pm to open that bottle of Yay Day in my wine rack. It was the perfect celebration wine! It also paired perfectly with the pizza I ordered for dinner, because I was not going to ruin this day by spending time making dinner only to have my kids refuse to eat it. This ain’t my first rodeo!


Everyone needs a Besti: the woman who is there for you even when you are at your worst. Who tells you to bring the kids over to play with her kids while we complain about life. And reminds you that sweatpants are required, brushing hair is optional. I’m so grateful to have my bestie and even more excited to share this wine with her. Like a good bestie, Besti won’t judge what you’re wearing or what food you’re pairing (or lack thereof). So grab the raw cookie dough and this semi-sweet red wine and get to know your new Besti.

Just Can’t Get Enough? Bundle It!

If you’re anything like us, you’re going to need a few bottles to match your every mood. If you’re up for some variety, reach for the That Girl Bundle, featuring our Talk Sauce, Chardonnay, Lady Like, White Blend, Over It, Rosé, and Yay Day, Red Blend. For those who are strictly team white or red, we also have the It’s All White and Better Off Red bundles (We can’t imagine living that lifestyle, but hey—you’re that girl—go you). And don’t forget, besti—6 or more bottles always ships free. We’ve got you!

Check out our entire That Girl Wine Collection! Plus, ask your Wine Guide about setting up a free wine tasting for spring. Get in touch with a Wine Guide today!

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