Our Favorite Pizza Wine Pairings

Our Favorite Pizza Wine Pairings

National Pizza Day is February 9th, and we’re celebrating in the only way we know how – wine pairings! Guest blogger and Wine Guide, Leah Johnson, gave us her favorite pizza wine pairings for every type of slice. Order up your favorite pie, grab a glass, and let’s get pairing!

As any busy parent (or really anyone) knows, pizza is a reliable and easy weeknight dinner when you aren’t up for cooking a full meal. Personally, I order pizza more often than I would like to admit, if we’re being honest.

Maybe you have a special pizza night every week? And maybe that turns into your cold breakfast pizza – no judgement here! The one concern I never have is what wine to pair. Here are my perfect pairings for all your favorite slices:

Leah’s Pizza Wine Pairing Picks

Cheese Pizza & Avincerre

Pizza was first created in the 1600s in Naples, Italy, originally meant for a quick and easy bite to eat. This original classic cheese pizza is still as great today as it was then! If you’re a cheese pizza lover, be sure to pair it up with Avincerre. Our Avincerre was grown in Italy, and is the perfect compliment for all Italian dishes. Remember: what grows together, goes together!

White Pizza & Lulo

Just like it’s original counterpart, white pizza was first created in Italy – this time in Rome! Known in Rome as “pizza bianca” this white sauce pie is perfect with all your favorite veggies. Pairing a white pizza can be challenging, but any crisp, white wine will cut through the rich, savory flavors of this pizza. My favorite pick? 2019 Lulo, Grüner Veltliner.

Meat Lover’s Pizza & Armatura

Meat lover’s pizza typically has a wide variety of meats from pepperoni to sausage to hamburger. For the meat lover’s pizza fans, you’ll want something bold to pair alongside this bold pie! Try our Armatura for a bold Italian red.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Hotsy Totsy

When we pair food with wine, it’s important to remember certain tried and true pairings. One of my faves? Sweet loves heat! When you order your favorite spicy slice of buffalo chicken pizza, don’t miss out on our sweet Hotsy Totsy to temper the flame.

Hawaiian Pizza & Steeple Street

A controversial subject, does fruit belong on pizza? That’s up to you! Hawaiian pizza fans will be interested to know that their favorite pineapple pizza didn’t actually originate in Hawaii. It was created in Canada! When you’re ready to try this genre defying pizza, be sure to sip on Steeple Street, Chardonnay.

The Final Word

Pairing pizza with wine should be fun, and not stressful! When in doubt, remember another rule of thumb: “what grows together, goes together.” Where does pizza originate? Italy! That means any, or most, Italian wines will work beautifully with your favorite pizza pie. Our current favorites are 2020 Rilassanti Cabernet Sauvignon, 2020 Porticina Malvasia, 2020 Chiacchierone Catarratto, 2020 Avincerre Marche Rosso and 2020 Armatura Marche Appassimento. Shop our entire cellar now!

Pairing your favorite pizza with wine is a fun Friday night-in activity, and an even better way to Host a free Traveling Vineyard wine tasting! Try out your favorite pizza pairings and book your free wine tasting today!

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