Mother's Day Wine Pairings

Mother's Day Wine Pairings

Wine Guide and guest blogger Leah Johnson is walking us through the ideal Mother’s Day and which wines she’d pair with every lovable moment.

Happy Mother’s Day! Whew have we earned today—whether you are a mom, dog mom, bonus mom, step mom, grand mom, birth mom, or a combination, today is for you! To make your celebration more special, I’m suggesting wines for every Mom’s favorite day-of activities.

Brunch & Unwined

I personally like to start my day with brunch. Be it in bed or out, brunch is never a bad choice in my book. On Mother’s Day, I’m all about spoiling myself, so I’ll have decedent strawberry stuffed French toast paired with Rosé. Like it sweet? Try our ever popular Double Date, Rosé. Prefer yours more dry? Then our 2020 Pearls & Kicks, Rosé will be the one for you. The inherent strawberry notes in this varietal will be pronounced with this pairing and is a great way to start anyone’s day!

Living in Arizona, it’s always hot enough to spend my day lounging by the pool. The perfect sipper for me here is our Streamer, White Wine Spritzer because of its portability and aluminum can (glass and pool don’t mix well!). It’s also a great choice as it’s low calorie and single serve!

Charcuterie & Small Bites

Next, afternoon cheese and crackers is a great way to cool down before getting ready for a fancy dinner! Of course we’ll need something to sip on with it, so I’ll typically reach for a white wine like our 2018 Steeple Street, Chardonnay. Why? Oh, because my cheese board is usually only brie…and not much else! This soft gooey cheese is great with this rich wine. To round it out, you can throw some buttered popcorn on there too, because why not?!

Dinner & Dessert

To end the day, my preference would be a fine dining experience. After all, really good food and wine goes well with really good people (like MOMS!).

To start the dining experience, I’ll pop open a bottle of bubbles like our 2020 Three Hearts, Fizzy White Wine. For the meal itself, I’ll usually go with a bottle of red wine. This year, I’ll be reaching for our 2020 Flores de Beco, Alentejo Red Blend from Argentina. I’m choosing this bottle, because braised short ribs sound like the perfect dish for Mother’s Day. The fruit and acidity in this wine will be a perfect compliment not only to drink alongside, but to have used in the preparation of the dish as well!!

Enjoyed with a great flourless chocolate torte, Flores De Beco can also take you through to dessert. Looking for something a little sweeter to sip on? Try our fan favorites Fissata Sweet Red or Taffeta, Red Wine Blend for dessert instead!

Ready to celebrate? Contact your Wine Guide for a more personalized shopping experience. To receive free shipping, remember to order six or more of mom’s favorites!

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