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Meet Traveling Vineyard's Fast Start Program

Thinking about becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide? We’ve developed a simple, effective launch plan and incentive program to help you rock your wine business right from the start. It’s called Fast Start.

Traveling Vineyard’s Fast Start is a 100-day plan designed to reward you multiple times with three unique earning periods. Our Fast Start gives you more time to earn more while motivating you to establish amazing habits that will help you build the business of your dreams.

What’s really exciting about Fast Start is that whatever volume you have in one period can roll over into the next, so you have that entire 100 days to set and meet the goal that works for you! And, if you meet them all, you earn it all.

This program inspires new Wine Guides to practice rock start business habits that will reward them now and well into the future.

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness

Time and again, our top performing Wine Guides have been Fast Start achievers! Fast Start is a proven plan that helps you turn your passion for wine and people into a paycheck.

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness at Traveling Vineyard, has been witness to the success of the program. “Achieving the milestones in our Fast Start plan is one of the most important indicators of success and longevity with Traveling Vineyard—when I meet a Wine Guide who has achieved their Fast Start goals, I know that they are set up for success!”

Here’s how the new plan works:

But, wait—there’s more!

In addition to three unique chances to achieve rewards in your first 100 days, we also reward you for building your team. Our Partner in Wine program rewards you when you enroll one new qualified Wine Guide in your first 40 days! You will receive $100 cash plus a Traveling Vineyard insulated wine tote. PLUS, for every additional new qualified Wine Guide enrolled during your 100-day Fast Start period, we will give you a $100 wine credit!

“Team building can make a big difference in your business,” Kate says. “We created our Partner in Wine program to inspire you to meet your personal team building goals and create the wine empire of your dreams.”

Finally, we love our Budding Stars! If you’re really on fire, we want to recognize you for your awesomeness. Our Budding Stars who earn $5,000 in personal volume and enroll three new qualified Wine Guides will receive $100 cash, a $100 wine credit, and an exclusive gift—our silver Traveling Vineyard charm bracelet, which lets you show off your success with some shiny bling!

Are you ready to take the Fast Start challenge with us? Connect with us to get started!

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