Junk Food, Candy & Wine? Halloween or Anytime!

Junk Food, Candy & Wine? Halloween or Anytime!

Candy and Wine – Not just for Halloween

If you are like me, Halloween is one of your favorite holidays. There is something about dressing up in costume and roaming the neighborhood for treats that just appeals to me. It’s a night of fun! And it isn’t just for the kids.

This year, open a bottle of Traveling Vineyard wine to sip while you hand out treats and wait for your kids to come home with their bags full of goodies. You know that once they have collapsed in their beds from a sugar coma, you are going to raid their trick-or-treat bags and take all the good stuff (for safety reasons, of course). So, be sure to open what will pair well with your favorite treat. Here are a few suggestions:

The 2010 Woodvale Estates, Merlot, California (CAL926) $16.99 with its hint of chocolate and cherry flavors works perfectly with milk chocolate. Cabs and M&M’s…sah-weet! Open any number of our wonderful reds to complement dark chocolate too. Mounds Bars are especially tasty with a Merlot or a Cab.

Bright Eyed Bird Pinot GrigioBecause oaked Chardonnay highlights foods incorporating vanilla flavors, try our 2008 Zeffer Hills, Chardonnay, California (CAL907) $14.99 with candy corn, caramels or a candied apple. With its citrusy flavors, the 2010 Bright Eyed Bird Pinot Grigio (CAL928) $15.99 is a good match with Starbursts, and it will balance the oil and salt of potato chips nicely.

For those that love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, nibble them alongside our jammy 2009 Zin-FAN-del, California (CAL923) $16.99. If you prefer a white wine, reach for a toasty Chardonnay with hazelnut flavors like the 2008 Scotto Family Wines, Chardonnay Marsanne, California (CAL920) $15.99.

Still have a bottle of the 2006 Tria Pinot Noir (CAL908) $24.99? It pairs great with Whoppers and won’t overpower the malt flavor. It’s also delicious with caramels, Tootsie Pops, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers and red licorice.

Mixed nuts and trail mix are especially good with a soft fruity red like the Tanglerose, Sonoma County Backyard Red, California (CAL925) $15.99 or a fuller selection as in our 2010 Bailando, Famatina Valley Bonarda, Argentina (ARG040) $14.99.

Open the Fissata Blonde, Moscato d’Asti, Italy (ITA689) $19.99 to mingle the sweetness of Skittles. Lollipops and other sweet berry-flavored candies will also flatter the Tanglerose Sweet American Rosé (DOM010) $14.99.

No matter what’s in your Halloween candy bowl, there’s a wine that pairs well with it. Have a wicked Halloween sampling and sipping!

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