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Home-Based Business Opportunity for Easygoing Wine Lovers

Today Rick Libby, The Traveling Vineyard’s Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader, announced a home-based business opportunity for people who love people and fine wine. The announcement for “The Traveling Vineyard” reads in part, “If making extra money—a little or a lot of it—in your spare time, or full time, doing something you love appeals to you, we have an affordable fast-start promotion that can have you up-and-running right away.”

From now until September 30, 2012, interested adults can invest as little as $174 plus $19.95 shipping and handling to become their own bosses while earning extra income as a local Traveling Vineyard Wine Consultant. A perfect job for stay at home moms:
Libby reports, “This is one sweet business. Wine is recession-proof. It’s on the itemized budget of lots of neighbors, friends and business associates. And The Traveling Vineyard’s free home wine tasting events are self-perpetuating: on average, every wine-tasting event spawns two others. Think about that. Think Tupperware but with wine and without the need to advertise or recruit future participants.”

The Traveling Vineyard is a bonded and licensed winery with operations in the East and Western United States. The Traveling Vineyard crafts unique award-winning boutique wines from domestic and international sources. Its winemakers have over 100 years of combined experience in global wine production, sourcing and bottling.
Traveling Vineyard events are fun for everyone. Wines from the world’s best vineyards are displayed and enjoyed as a Wine Consultant goes over the finer points of choosing a great wine.

Libby says, “Becoming the local face and voice for the best wines in the world is huge. Our present Wine Consultants are busy making new friends and hosting lots of events. Best of all, they’re having great fun, while being compensated up to nine different ways several times a month—including an annual all-expenses-paid trip to places like France, Italy, Hawaii and other exotic locations.”

New Independent Traveling Vineyard Consultant Shawni Serra McGraw says, “I’m looking forward to introducing friends and neighbors to the joys of wine through free tasting events that let them sample and order boutique wines from The Traveling Vineyard. It’s hard to know if you like a wine unless you try it first. Bringing wines into clients’ homes where they can discover new varietals in a relaxed, pressure-free environment is something I feel very comfortable doing, and it’s fun, too”!

The present fast-start promotion package includes a Business Success Kit, two 5-bottle tasting sets, and everything else a new Consultant needs to get underway. New Consultants who hold two qualifying fast start events within 60 days get back $99 of their original $174 investment; those who hold a third qualifying fast start event get an additional $75.00 off the price of joining.
In addition The Traveling Vineyard offer provides new Consultants the ability to earn business supplies valued at over $132.00. Consultants submitting up to three qualified events will earn an event rolling suitcase valued at $89.00, business cards valued at $17.00 and a business stamp valued at $25.00.
Libby says, “For people who are motivated by receiving financial rewards for their results and wanting to take advantage of the upcoming holiday marketing season, this enrollment offer is just what the doctor ordered”.

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