Grilled Apps for your Backyard Party

Grilled Apps for your Backyard Party

It’s National Grilling Month! To celebrate, Guest Blogger and Wine Guide Ashleigh Campbell is turning up the heat with three delicious appetizer recipes for the grill. Even better, she’s giving us their perfect wine pairings, too!

‘Tis the season for backyard parties! But don’t just put out chips and dip; fire up the BBQ and serve up these grilled appetizers. Don’t forget the wine to pair too!

Prosciutto-Wrapped Grilled Brie with Pineapple

You had me at Prosciutto-wrapped. You could wrap a flip-flop in prosciutto and I’d eat it! But grilled pineapple and brie sound way better. Pair this with our Australian Chardonnay, Peekaboo for the perfect bite. Peekaboo is a well-balanced chardonnay that gives off a creamy feel with tropical fruit flavors. It was basically made for this appetizer!

Grilled Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are not just for football Sunday! Toss them on the grill to add another layer of flavor. This recipe is super simple and incredibly delicious. Serve these with a nice chilled glass of Screaming Goat, Gewürztraminer. This wine smells fruity but is actually a perfect pairing for anything with a little kick and balances out the flavors nicely.

Grilled Sausages with Grilled Shallot Relish with Fresh Ricotta and Toasted Baguette

This is one of my go-to grilled party dishes. Everyone sees me grilling up the sausage and thinks they are getting regular sausages in buns. But nope! These are fun and easy! Pair them with our Italian Sangiovese, Santoreggia. Italian sausage, Italian ricotta and Italian wine, a perfect bite for your backyard party!

One last backyard party tip: Put out a fruit platter and tell your guests to add some fruit to their wine for a quick sangria! Dark fruits with red wine, light fruits with white wine.

Want to host a grilled apps and wine tasting event? Looking for more personalized wine pairing or shopping advice? Find your Wine Guide here and get connected today!

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