Get Cozy with Small Bottles for the Holidays

Get Cozy with Small Bottles for the Holidays

This holiday season, we’re thankful for cozy nights in, sampling new wines, and holiday gifting made easy. Get the latest on our small bottle tasting flights and find creative ways to enjoy them with Wine Guide and Guest Blogger Daniel Kennedy.

If you’ve ever been to a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting, then you’ve sampled exclusive, award-winning wines from the comfort of home. If you’ve never attended one of our tastings before, then I highly suggest it! But, what if there’s a wine that you’re interested in trying that’s not being shown at the tasting?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I wish there was a way to try new wines, save some money, and not have to leave my house.” Well, have no fear, because Traveling Vineyard has got you covered! Your favorite neighborhood Wine Guide has probably already told you, but small bottles of wine are now available!

Traveling Vineyard has pre-packed sets of small bottles ready-to-go for the adventurous tasters out there. These tasting flights are a fun and affordable way to try new wines without breaking the bank or feeling stuck with a full bottle of wine that may not be your style. At 187ml, each small bottle is about the size of one full glass of wine—perfect for those times when you don’t want to open an entire bottle. On top of sipping something new, each small bottle also has a scannable QR code that will provide you with the wine’s perfect food pairing suggestions, too.

Each of our current small bottle sets include three unique, award-winning wines: Fireside Sips, Cozy Reds, and Happy Hour 2. If that’s not enough, you can look forward to our holiday stocking stuffer and mixed 12-packs coming soon!

Small Bottles, Big Fun.

Struggling to figure out holiday gifts or have stockings that you need to fill up? Small bottles make the perfect stocking stuffers for all the wine lovers in your life! Plus, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and energy trying to figure out what your friend or family member wants, and it sure beats giving them candy canes.

Looking for other fun ways to spice up your holiday season with our small bottle tasting flights? Use our Small Bottles for…

  • Creating your own advent calendar
  • Making mulled wine
  • Secret Santa gifting
  • Yankee Swaps
  • Employee or client gifting

Small bottles are also super fun at holiday or post-holiday get-togethers. I don’t know about you, but I live in New England, and December-February can be downright cold, grey, and miserable. Get the gang together and Host your own fun, mini wine tasting event during game or movie night!

If you haven’t ordered your small bottles for the upcoming holiday season yet, reach out and give your wine guide a call or text—they will be more than happy to get you the hookup! Don’t have a personal Wine Guide just yet? Click here to get connected with someone local today.

From our Traveling Vineyard family to yours, have an amazing, merry and safe holiday season. Cheers!

We love offering award-winning wines, backed by our Good Stuff Guarantee. Ready to sample 5 full-sized bottles of wine from the comfort of home? Host an easy, fun, and inexpensive Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party—get started today.

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