2019 lancre rosé on the holiday table

Dry Rosé was Made for Thanksgiving

Did you know that a dry Rosé is the ideal wine for Thanksgiving? A dry Rosé brings with it the best food-friendly qualities of both red wine and white wine, making it versatile enough to pair with everything from appetizers to the main feast to dessert. In fact, Leslie Sbrocco, our Director of Sommology and self-proclaimed Rosé fiend, calls dry Rosé the ultimate wine to tame your Thanksgiving table!

“Because our dry Rosé is made with red grapes, but in a white wine style, it handles spicy to sweet and savory to salty—making it the ideal partner for the symphony of Thanksgiving’s food flavors,” she says.

The ultimate Thanksgiving Day wine is Rosé. Shop now for holiday delivery.

Our 2019 Lancre Rosé is made in the Saignée method, which essentially means “to bleed off” in French. The process involves pressing red wine grapes and quickly bleeding off the first press juice, which limits the juice’s contact with the tannic skins and seeds and preserves the fresh acidity and brightness. The juice is then fermented dry. The remaining grapes are used to make a more concentrated red wine.  It blends the freshness and vivacity found in white wine with the richness found in red wine—and that means the pairings are bountiful!

Leslie’s perfect pairings for your Thanksgiving Day Rosé!

Sticks ‘n’ Stuff

No … not drumsticks and stuffing, but a light way to nosh before the big meal. Dry rosé is the perfect way to start the day as its refreshing quality goes with the freshness of vegetables and balances the heat of pepper without being heavy. Create a vegetable platter with carrot, jicama, red pepper, celery sticks, radishes, and a selection of dipping sauces such as spicy hummus, olive oil with balsamic vinegar, and ranch dressing.

Spicy Citrus Cranberry Sauce

Rosé with its tangy, juicy flavors match the tartness of cranberry sauce, but foil spice. Boil a bag of fresh cranberries in water until they soften and crack open. Drain the cranberries. Add a few tablespoons full of sugar to balance the acidity to your taste. Then, squeeze juice from a fresh orange into the sauce and stir in cracked black pepper. Stir well and garnish with orange zest.

Leslie Sbrocco 100 Days PBS
Wine expert, author, and television personality Leslie Sbrocco is a Rosé lover!

Cornbread Dressing With Dried Cranberries

Make your favorite cornbread dressing, then, before baking or stuffing the bird, stir in a cup of diced, dried cranberries to complement the red berry notes of the Rosé. Cranberries and Rosé together with the buttery sweetness of homemade cornbread stuffing will make your mouth very happy.

Anything Truffle

I’ve been to the Languedoc region numerous times in my career, but about ten years ago I was there during truffle-hunting season and got to dig in the dirt with the dogs (pigs aren’t used to hunt truffles here) to discover these tuberous treasures. They are the perfect accompaniment to a crisp, complex southern French Rosé. Use truffle oil or truffle salt to pop up the flavor of any dish and then pair with this delicious pink.

Thanks, Leslie, for these amazing pairing tips for Rosé! If you’re looking for the perfect wine for the Thanksgiving Day table, order your 2019 Lancre Rosé by November 17 for Thanksgiving and December 14 for Christmas! Reach out to your Wine Guide to place an order or shop our cellar now. Six or more bottles ship free!

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