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Decider Events: Our Insider Join Offer Exclusively for Hosts

One of the best ways to learn about the Traveling Vineyard business is to Host with us! As a Host, you get a firsthand look at what it’s like working as a Wine Guide and you’ll see how easy (and fun) it is to share wine information and tasting tips, while bringing smiles (and great wine) to others. But, did you know you now have the option to turn your wine tasting event into a “Decider Event” and enjoy our best join offer exclusively for Hosts?

So, what is a Decider Event?

A Decider Event is a tasting event that will give you a taste of the Traveling Vineyard business and position you to launch your own business risk-free with money in your pocket and bookings on your calendar! You enjoy all the same perks of being a Host—like discounted or free wine and accessories—but we also give you the opportunity to purchase your Success Kit using your Host discount at your event! The deal doesn’t stop there.

Talk to your Wine Guide about additional Decider Event benefits, which may include sharing in the marketing fees (paycheck!) from your wine tasting event and receiving any of the bookings made at your event so that when you launch your wine business, your calendar is already full!*

“It’s not too often you get to start a business at a discounted price and be flooded with freebies and discounts to boot!”

Tanya Van Someren

Traveling Vineyard created Decider Events because we wanted to reward Hosts in a unique way, particularly those already interested in starting their own journey as an independent Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.

“It’s a proven fact that when you have two events on the calendar as a new Wine Guide, you are positioned for success immediately,” says Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success and Happiness at Traveling Vineyard. Why? Because our research into the habits of other successful Wine Guides has shown that each tasting leads to an average of two additional bookings, that means as a new Wine Guide, you have potentially six events on the horizon.

Tanya Van Someren is a Wine Guide and Ruby Director in Wisconsin. She says she has loved sharing the Decider Event opportunity and has already seen it work magic for new Wine Guides.

“Whenever someone joins my team, I’m excited that they’ll get to experience the fun, the community, the extra income and the great wine that Traveling Vineyard has to offer. Even better than that is when a Host of mine joins my team using our Decider Event option because it is literally the best deal ever!” she says. “When Sandi joined my team, she got that deal—25% off her Success Kit, several bookings to get her business started, and on Day 1 she already had enough volume to earn the Level 1 of our Fast Start rewards. That is all on top of using her Host discount to receive complimentary bottles of wine and discounts on her entire Host order.

Benefits like these make Decider Events an incredible opportunity for new Wine Guides. That discount on your Success Kit is pretty attractive, too! Our Success Kits are already competitively priced at $179 for the Complete Success Kit and just $99 for the Essentials Success Kit! Imagine earning an additional 25% off! You can even choose our Digital Success Kit for $59 and get started right away with our digital tools.

“It’s not too often you get to start a business at a discounted price and be flooded with freebies and discounts to boot!” Tanya says.

If you’re interested in booking a Decider Event with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, you can get started here. There are no obligations to join, and the fun (and five bottles of wine) is free! Just another way we deliver win-wins with wine.

Got questions? Stop by our Facebook page and leave us a message or email our support Cheerleaders at support@travelingvineyard.com.

*Bonus perks such as bookings and shared personal volume are at the discretion of your Wine Guide.

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