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5 Wine Tasting Party Games

Wine is usually the star of the show when you host your own wine tasting, but if you want to break the ice among a mixed group or just have a little extra fun, wine tasting games are a great idea! Here are a few ideas for fun wine party games from Wine Guide Kisha Dlugos, who loves to add extra fun to her wine tastings.

Wine party games play an important role at a party, particularly when your guests have not yet met one another. After all, who wants to sit around at a stuffy party in silence? Not me. I want to meet others, have fun, make memories and feel a sense of community. When you create engagement and a sense of community at a wine tasting party, it creates a relaxed atmosphere and a more enjoyable experience. Here are five wine party games to try at your next wine tasting!

  • Movie Charades
  • Celebrity Game
  • Not-So-Newlywed Game
  • Wine Catchphrase Game
  • Murder Mystery
  • Movie Charades

Charades is a familiar classic, which makes it a game your friends and family will be ready to dive into, especially when wine is involved! Add in the movie twist, and you’ll see the competitive spirit come alive. Jazz up the game with different categories like Action Movies, Romance, Comedy and even Musicals. Who wouldn’t recognize the iconic scene from The Sound of Music in a game of charades? Or, how about John Cusack serenading Ione Skye in “Say Anything”? You can even make a Wine category with lines from movies like Sideways or Bottle Shock—or cocktail moments from Sex in the City. There are so many options!

Celebrity Wine Party Game

Celebrity is a fun game because the celebrities can change each time you play depending on the group. Split your group into two teams and then ask each person to write down a celebrity they believe to be universally recognizable. The names go into a bowl and are drawn throughout three rounds of the game. In round one, set a timer for two minutes and have one person from each team give clues using only words while the rest of their team guesses. Tally up how many correct guesses there are within the two minutes. The second round is the same, but this time, players cannot use words, they must act out the celebrity name. In the third and final round, players must use only ONE word to describe the celebrity. What’s fun is the idea that one person’s idea of celebrity may be Ryan Gosling, while someone else’s idea of celebrity may be Clay Aiken—it’s totally subjective and full of laughs. The team with the most points wins!

The Not-So-Newlywed Game

You’re probably familiar with the classic Newlywed Game. Well, the Not-So-Newlywed game is a fun spin for those who are no longer newlyweds but want to have some couples’ night fun—it’s a great ice breaker at a wine tasting party! All you need to do is create a list of questions to be asked by a moderator. Like the television game show, your questions will be about dating, engagement, wedding, firsts, fun facts, children, cooking, and more. Don’t forget to ask about wine! This game is prize-worthy! Send the winning couple home with a bottle of champagne for a date night at home!

Wine Catchphrase Game

Wine has a way of getting those creative juices flowing. While tasting the different wines at your wine tasting party, challenge each of your guests to come up with a catchphrase for the wine. These usually end up on the humorous side. Try adding an extra challenge, like, “Your target audience for this wine is clowns. Come up with a catchphrase that would inspire a clown to buy this wine.”

Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries are becoming more and more popular. Try a mini-murder mystery party at your wine tasting. Write up a few characters with a story that revolves around a famous sommelier or reclusive wine maker, and then challenge your friends to figure out whodunnit before the bottles are empty! Was it General Grape in the grotto with a 30-year-old bottle of Bordeaux? There are also plenty of prewritten murder mystery games available to purchase online.

Let Us Do the Work and Host Your Wine Party Games

We’re always here to guide your wine tasting party—and even play a wine party game or two with your guests! Picture it: Game night with your friends from different circles, great food, and your personal Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide to take you on a free wine tour around the world in your own home. Guests leave with great memories and some unique wines on the way to their doorstep! Schedule a tasting today.

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