Direct Sales Statistics

10 Enlightening Direct Sales Statistics

You’ve probably heard about direct sales, and you’ve more than likely been invited to a party or event hosted by someone who is involved in direct selling. The interest in direct sales continues to grow—but how familiar are you with how promising a career in the direct sales industry can be for you?

Below, we’ve highlighted nine impactful direct sales statistics from the Direct Selling Association that will open your eyes to just how much opportunity lies in direct sales.

Direct Sales Statistics

1. 20.5 million people were involved in direct sales in the U.S. in 2016, up 1.5% from 2015. (Direct Selling In 2016)

2. More than 50% of people are likely to purchase from a direct selling representative in the next year. (2017 Direct Selling Consumer Attitudes Survey)

3. 5.3 million direct sellers are building an independent business where they manage customers and sponsor other direct sellers. (Direct Selling In 2016)

4. About 800,000 direct sellers are involved in their businesses full time; 4.5 million are part-time business builders, and 15.2 million are looking to get a discount on products or services they want to buy themselves. (Direct Selling In 2016)

5. Direct selling favorability ratings are up from 2008 and consistent with 2012, with 81% giving the industry neutral or high favorability ratings. (2017 Direct Selling Consumer Attitudes Survey)

6. Of Americans involved in direct selling:

  1. 84% are white/caucasian
  2. 9% are black/African-American
  3. 1% are American Indian or Alaska Native
  4. 1% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  5. 2% are Other/Not Identified (Direct Selling In 2016)

7. In 2016, 74% of women and 26% of men in the United States are involved in the direct selling industry. (Direct Selling In 2016)

8. Percentage of people in direct sales by method:

  1. Person-to-person sales: 72%
  2. Party Plan (like Traveling Vineyard): 21%
  3. Other: 7% (Direct Selling In 2016)

9. In 2016, the Southern U.S. held the majority of direct sellers, at 37%; the Western U.S. was 25.7%; the Midwest was at 20.5%, and the Northeast was 16.3%. (Direct Selling In 2016)

10. An average Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event results in $423 in sales, with the average Wine Guide earning 25% of those sales for two hours of their time. Find out more about Traveling Vineyard’s Compensation Plan here.

Want to know more about direct selling?

These direct selling statistics show the promise and potential for the industry. If you want to know more about direct selling as a part-time job from home or a full-time career, download our free guide, Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms: The Startup Kit, today. It includes step-by-step info on what you need to know and do to identify home-based work that’s right for you—including work in direct sales.

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