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Wine Road Races That Will Tilt Your Glass and Kick Your ...

Happy National Running Day! Have you been missing live road races? Same. We’re excited that live races across the country are coming back. And we don’t mean “coming back” like a case of shin splints, we mean coming back like New Kids on the Block or scrunchies (or whatever you get excited about!). But, wait. Do you know what makes a road race even better than simply pounding the pavement with a swath of sweaty sprinters in compression socks? Wine. The answer is wine. If you’re ready to make this dream come true, we’ve compiled our picks for live wine-themed road races to check out this year.

Wine Run 5K

Northwest Illinois is home to the very first Wine Run 5K. Imagine racing the grounds of a beautiful winery toward a lovely finish—and we’re talking about the finish on the wine! According to the website, the first event was the beginning of a wine-derful thing because the race has since expanded to more than 50 locations in the Midwest and beyond. Participants earn a shirt, a medal, and a souvenir wine glass (filled with a nice 5 oz. pour) after the race! Find out if there’s a Wine Run 5K happening near you this summer.

Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon

One might argue that the half marathon is the ideal distance for the devoted wine runner. You push hard, but you’ll still have enough energy for a glass of wine after. What could be better than a half marathon through California wine country? The Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, which takes place in December, is a destination race for your (spit) bucket list. In fact, Forbes magazine named it one of the top 7 most scenic half marathons in the U.S. Plus, for those looking for more wine and less distance, they offer a Rosé 5K. Sign us up!

Wicked Wine Run

This “fun run” race series is available in 16 states from California to Michigan and typically takes place in a local vineyard. Wicked Wine Run races are held in the cool of the evening and they culminate with wine and music. Bonus? Your swag bag contains those amazing compression socks. Got a friend who prefers a more casual pace? This series also offers a 1K Tasting Walk. Two sips forward, one sip back. Sounds like our kind of race.

Uncorked Wine 5K

Road trip! Hit the highway and head to Indianapolis for the Uncorked Wine 5K and Festival. This fun-filled wine road race and wine festival takes place in August with a promise that it starts and ends with wine tasting. If you’re just in it for the medals, this race has a beaut for the race rack, but the real win is the chance to enjoy wine with friends, whether they’re there to race or cheers you on.

Wineglass Race Series

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Finger Lakes wine country, the Wineglass Race Series offers the chance to do it by foot—and by the glass. Choose from four different races through New York State’s scenic vineyards from the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon (October) to the Wineglass 8K (May), plus a half marathon and 5K in between. This series boasts a very fast course with the opportunity to earn that coveted personal best, or perhaps just that coveted Cabernet!

Okay, we’ve given you your marching (and sipping) orders. Time to get out there and train. We’re here to help. Get your taste buds in top shape for tasting wine when you host a Traveling Vineyard in-person wine tasting. Learn more and connect with a local Wine Guide today! And don’t forget to stretch.

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