Wine Guide Stories: F is for Fulfillment

Wine Guide Stories: F is for Fulfillment

Each of our Wine Guides are independent, small business owners sharing their love of wine through virtual wine tastings, in-home tastings, personal wine shopping, and so much more. Our 5 F’s—fun, flexibility, friendships, fulfillment, and financial rewards are a fundamental part of who we are and how our Wine Guides shine every day. In this blog series, we will be featuring different Wine Guides and highlighting their favorite of the 5 F’s. In this installment, Team Leader, Leah Johnson highlights her favorite: fulfillment.

Leah’s Fulfillment Story

As a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard going on 5 years now, I could go on and on about each of our 5 F’s, but decided to focus on my favorite: fulfillment. Interestingly, when I sat down to write this blog I immediately went blank—what does fulfillment actually mean and how does my business give me that? Additionally, an even scarier question: how am I going to explain the impact of fulfillment in this business to YOU? So I consulted a dear friend, Merriam-Webster (yes the dictionary!) for the meaning of fulfill and had a massive lightbulb moment.

There were six parts to the modern day definition of fulfill, and all are clearly contributing to my business, or happening my life because of my business. Let me explain:

“To put into effect – execute”

This one is easy—I get fulfillment just because I have put my goals into effect and executed by starting my business. I also get fulfillment daily when I create a new graphic or experience for my customers. Being able to execute and see my goals come to life gives me true fulfillment.

Wine Guide, Leah Johnson, at this years Harvest.

“To meet the requirements of (a business order)”

This too, was an obvious moment and one that I don’t really have to worry about! Our fulfillment in the business sense of fulfilling orders is always a smooth process with our team at World Headquarters. It’s funny, I get fulfillment from being confident in sending messages to my customers that their orders are being fulfilled because of the support we receive from our team!

“To measure up to – satisfy”

I’ve long wanted to be self-employed, running a business, and rocking the world! Though I’ve tried other things in the past (both direct sales and creating a business), I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and think I’m fairly “street smart” after working for larger companies, I could never seem to get it right. I never felt fulfilled. This business has been different. Not only do I feel fulfilled, I have also been able to satisfy reaching my personal and professional goals with Traveling Vineyard!

“To bring to an end”

Well this definition first made me sad because I don’t want to think that I have fulfilled my time with Traveling Vineyard. However, this goes beyond the idea of ending time with the company, and can be looked at as successfully “ending” an event, ending an awesome month by hitting my goals and getting all the rewards that I was after for that month. I do also feel fulfilled every time I finish a bottle of our wine, too (haha!).

“To develop the full potentials of”

I love this view of fulfillment because this is probably the core of how I get my fulfillment from being a Wine Guide. When I first started as a Wine Guide I did so because I love wine and I wanted to make friends in a new city. What I didn’t realize until my first Harvest (our annual convention) was that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. This business pushes me to do that in every aspect of my life, not just marketing wine! In the 5 years I have been with Traveling Vineyard, I’ve been able to grow so much personally. The training and support I’ve received from World Headquarters and my fellow Wine Guides has helped my growth. It is here I feel most fulfilled.

“To convert into reality”

This is fulfilling expectations. I think this is a good one to end on as it leaves the door open to create new goals to FULFILL. I know what mine are and I know I’ll have the training, support, and love to feel that fulfillment for them all. Do you? It just might be Wine Guide Life.

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