Wine Guide Stories: F is for Friendship

Wine Guide Stories: F is for Friendship

Each of our Wine Guides are independent, small business owners sharing their love of wine through virtual wine tastings, in-home tastings, personal wine shopping, and so much more. An essential part of who we are at Traveling Vineyard is our 5 F’s. Our 5 F’s are a fundamental part of who we are and how our Wine Guides shine every day. In this blog series, we will be featuring different Wine Guides and highlighting their favorite of the 5 F’s. Up first, Ruby Director, Ashleigh Campbell highlights her favorite: friendship.

Our Wine Guides have created a culture of friendship that is built on the foundation of a positive and supportive community. When you join Traveling Vineyard, you join an amazing group of entrepreneurs that will lift you up and cheer you on every day.

Ashleigh’s Friendship Story

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew that they were “your people”? That’s how it felt when I met two of my wine besties, Krista and Julie.

Krista, Julie, and Ashleigh connected through their Traveling Vineyard businesses, and became wine besties.

I don’t live close to Julie or Krista, so our paths never would have crossed if it wasn’t for Traveling Vineyard. I met Krista when we were paired up to help plan a regional meeting for Wine Guide training. We spent months messaging back and forth online to come up with an entertaining script for the meeting. When we first met in-person the day before the meeting, we greeted each other like lifelong friends.

During our annual Wine Guide conference, Harvest, Krista introduced me to her friend Julie when we lip synced “Let’s Get it Started” by The Black Eyed Peas, and it started a friendship I’m grateful for every day.

Julie, Ashleigh, and Krista with fellow Wine Guide Elizabeth getting silly at Harvest 2017.

Julie and Krista are natural performers, I’m an engineer, so I’m not the most creative person. Yet, when I’m with them the creative juices just start flowing. No matter how crazy my ideas are, like singing modified lyrics to promote meeting registrations or making a “flat Krista” when she couldn’t be with us during work conferences and trips, Julie and Krista have never said no. Everyone needs a friend that will go along, and encourage your ridiculous ideas!

Julie and Ashleigh with “Flat Krista” at Harvest 2018.

We are there for each other to cheer, cry, vent, and give advice. We share ideas, help formulate plans, and hold each other accountable—we truly work so well together! The bond we’ve formed goes beyond the wine and the business. We are wives and mothers, we have full time jobs and commitments outside of our families, and we always have each other’s back for support. We are often pulled in so many directions, but no matter how much time has gone by or the distance between us, every time we talk or see each other it feels like no time has passed.

Although our wine business brought us together, our connection wasn’t about wine, or kicking butt in a lip sync battle, it was finding someone who instantly gets you. It’s all about finding who brings out the best in you, and even a side of you that you didn’t think existed.

Our Wine Guides stories make us who we are, and inspire us everyday. Are you ready to discover your purpose with a business in a bottle? Learn more today and send us a message on Facebook.

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