It's a Wonderful Wine Guide Life

It's a Wonderful Wine Guide Life

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for reflection and gratitude. We’re most grateful for our community of Wine Guides and customers who travel this wine-soaked journey with us and share our passion for food, wine, and friends. We asked our Wine Guide community to share which aspects of Wine Guide Life they’re most grateful for this holiday season. Here are some of their personal testimonials that will keep your heart as full as your belly this Thanksgiving.

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“One of our Fs is Friendship, but it’s more like family! The support, enthusiasm, and encouragement from Wine Guide Nation is second to none.” – Carla Schulz

“I can’t imagine my life without the friendships I’ve made over the past five years. It was a blessing I wasn’t even looking for, but desperately needed.” – Jonelle Swiger

“When I started with Traveling Vineyard, I was most thankful for the financial aspect of owning my own business. As the months have progressed, I am now more thankful for the friendships and flexibility. I have met so many amazing people and my network keeps expanding. Wine tastings don’t feel like work—they’re fun!” – Gretchen Smutney

“I’m so thankful for the friendships with people from all over the country who I would have never met if not for Traveling Vineyard. I feel that they are more than friends and now more like family!” – Melanie Eitel

“My favorite of the 5Fs is the secret F—Family. When I joined, I did see the benefits of fun and financial reward, but it didn’t occur to me that friendships would be so organic and worthwhile. The friendships I have made with my fellow Wine Guides rival that of familial ties.” – Dylan Shuster

I’m thankful for the Fun, making lasting friendships while fulfilling personal goals. I enjoy meeting financial accomplishments with flexibility while having a full-time job. Truly, this side gig has provided me with the opportunity to do have professional development I have been seeking for the better part of my life. To top it all off, I get to enjoy quality wines!

Letisha Todd
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“I’m so grateful for the amount of amazing friends I have gained from becoming a Wine Guide. I can 100% say I met my best friends through this. That’s what Traveling Vineyard is all about—bringing people together. Thank you for allowing me to continue my wine journey every day.” – Amy Richecky

“My favorite F is Friendship! I always look forward to seeing my Traveling Vineyard friends!” – Sally Eggink

“I am grateful for Fulfillment. I needed something new to learn about and experience. Wine Guide Life is so interesting and there’s so much to learn.” – Jen Benjamin

“I never dreamed that I would find so much joy and fulfillment from a side gig. My fulfillment cup runneth over with supportive Traveling Vineyard family and wine sisters. Then, all the new girlfriends I’ve made over wine is just so wine-derful! Cheers to Traveling Vineyard for creating a community that I’m very proud to be a part of.” – Kathy Bennett


“I signed up for Fun and Flexibility, and of course Financial Reward. The surprise was the personal Fulfillment. I have grown so much in six years—my wine knowledge, my work skills, my confidence. The friends who became family were the icing on the cake. When all is said and done though, I go back to the fun and flexibility when life gets crazy and I can keep having my Wine Guide Life.” – Kim Kunchick

“I signed up for Fun, a little Financial Reward, and Flexibility. As a stay-at-home mom, I wanted adult interaction and some extra spending money to spend without guilt. When I saw “friendship”, I was thinking of how to spend time with my old friends, not expecting Wine Guide friendships to become some of the most important in my life. I honestly couldn’t imagine how this fun wine gig could be fulfilling, but it has been in so many ways. I could write a whole post about the ways this business has given me fulfillment.” – Jessica Kent

“Each of the 5Fs have made an impact on my life, but if I have to choose one it’s Flexibility. With Traveling Vineyard, I’m making a paycheck and still have the ability to be there for my family—no matter the occasion. That’s a big deal when you’re a mom of four!” – Caryn Myers

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“Fun and friends was why I joined. I didn’t realize the extent of Flexibility until after I joined. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.” – Jerome Scruggs

“I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made through Traveling Vineyard. These friendships go beyond just wine. These are life-long, whenever you need them, planning family vacation friendships. The best part, my two closest friends, Julie and Krista, aren’t women on my team. They are women I met at Harvest and connected with instantly. I’m so thankful for having them in my life.” – Ashleigh Campbell

“I am thankful for all of the 5Fs— depending on the day and circumstances of my life. I am probably like most, and signed up for the Financial Reward—and the 20% discount! What I gained was so much more. The sneaky F—friendship—gained me so many friends that I never would have gained if not for Traveling Vineyard. The friendships I’ve made are irreplaceable. They lift me up and keep me going, even when I’m at my worst. It is truly something special that I have never gotten from any other company before.” – Danielle LeGere

“Financial Reward is what drew me in—get paid to drink wine! Friendship is what has also developed. The love of wine brings strangers together and starts friendships. My friendships aren’t only with my customers, but with my wine family as well.” – Sue Endress


“I signed up for Fun! I didn’t expect the friends I would make—Wine Guides, Hosts, Guests. I tell people that I get to share great wine and make new friends. How awesome is that?” – Cindy Burns

“I joined for the Fun—what’s more fun than sharing wine? I am enjoying all the new friends that seem to pop up everywhere. Being retired, the Flexibility is amazing and I get Fulfillment from sharing my love for wine and food while having my own business. Also, having a Financial Reward benefit is great, too! I’m always thankful for this opportunity and all the rewards that follow.” – Robin Heamstead

“After four years, I am thankful every day that I still have fun doing what I get to do as a Wine Guide. Sharing wine and food pairings is as much fun as it sounds. I cannot talk about gratitude without mentioning the phenomenal friends I’ve made. Just a bunch of strangers who found each other through Traveling Vineyard.” – Jody Dvorak

Today, we’re a bunch of wine-loving, fun-loving, and successful friends because of the values and gratitude we share. Thank you for your words and for giving us all the warm fuzzies we can handle! Happy Thanksgiving to our Wine Guide tribe and all our wine lovers! Share what you’re grateful for this year with us on Instagram.

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