Wine Guide Life: Vendor Events

Wine Guide Life: Vendor Events

It’s Vendor Event season! Participating in Vendor Events is a great way to get yourself and your wine business out there. Learn more about finding Vendor events in your area and how to best prepare for success. By Wine Guide and Guest Blogger, Mary Speight

I love festivals, community events, and activities. They are great places to meet people and check out products that people sell, such as food, home crafts, novelty items, clothing, and even other direct sale companies. I’ve done many vendor events in my life with another direct sale company and a couple with Traveling Vineyard.

I don’t go to vendor events with the intention of selling or taking orders for wine. I go with the intention of booking in-person tastings and/or decider events. I also go with the intention of finding potential Wine Guide teammates, those who are interested in a side hustle immediately.

So, how do I find vendor events?

I scour social media, specifically Facebook, and my community page. I’m part of the Chumash Neighborhood, another other social media community page. There are several communities surrounding my town, all within 20 minutes of each other. I check for festivals or community events and if they are looking for vendors. Once I find an event I am interested in, I notify the organizer and share my information with them to determine if Traveling Vineyard is acceptable.

I strongly suggest sharing your website information with them, so they can check out Traveling Vineyard. If the cost isn’t available at the time I locate an event, I will also ask about their requirements and fees. Some organizers request that I have a vendor’s license. You can purchase this online for a small fee and you can use it for one day. I will typically weigh that against the cost to apply to determine if it’s worth it.

Most event fees can range from $20 to $100+, depending on your area and the organizer. It’s important you stay in communication with the organizer and read the fine print of the application. I’ve registered for events with a fee of $100. They usually have a table and a couple of chairs for me, so I don’t have to carry those along with my Traveling Vineyard paraphernalia.

What to Bring?

If I have empty wine bottles, I bring them. I bring my purple kit, sommology tins, Hosting Flyers, Join Flyers, my business cards, and wine accessories. Most events may request I have a small raffle item and swag bags for the first 100 people that come by the table or booth. Other events have been outdoors and I am required to bring a pop-up canopy with my own weights to hold them down, chairs, and table. I actually consider these events in greater detail because they are outdoors and in the High Desert, and we can have strong winds and it can get very hot or cold.

Don’t be afraid of registering for a Vendor Event. They are great to jump-start or restart your wine business. We have Vendor Event materials available for purchase in our VistaPrint ProShop as well. If you still have questions about vendor events, be sure to check out the policies and procedures or ask the cheerleaders in support. Participating in Vendor Events is a great way to meet new people, grow your network, and launch or relaunch your business!

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