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Why Resveratrol Has Become A Hot Topic In Health Circles

Medical experts throughout the world have long marveled at the good health of those who routinely consume red wine. The continued health and vitality of certain demographics in spite of high fat diets and other nonbeneficial life habits has spawned a massive amount of curiosity. Numerous studies have been conducted to learn more about the benefits that might be provided by moderate consumption of red wine and many of these have drawn the same conclusion: Resveratrol, an antioxidant compound that is found in the seeds and skins of dark-colored grapes can have a number of amazing effects on the body. It is this antioxidant that enhances the benefits of drinking red wine and it is found in a variety of sources.

What Resveratrol Is

A phytoalexin that is produced by a variety of plants, Resveratrol’s initial job is to help prevent attacks from bacterial or fungi. Without sufficient supplies of this antioxidant, many plant species might not be able to survive their most formative stages of development and would therefore be unable to bear their fruits. With wine, although it is primarily found only in the seeds of the grapes that are used in the wine production process, rather than their actual fruit, the wine pressing process keeps the actual red wine in continual contact with these things for a much extended period, thereby increasing the Resveratrol content in the resulting beverage.
The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Resveratrol or—its ORAC—is tremendously high when found in blueberries, dark-colored grapes, blackberries and strawberries. This is good news for those who do not enjoy red wine or who are prone to allergic reactions such as headaches, after wine consumption. The body requires ample doses of Resveratrol in order to promote optimal health, making dark-colored fruits of this type essential part of the normal diet for those who are entering their later years. Unfortunately, however, some studies have shown that most adults over the age of 40 are getting less than half of the Resveratrol they need in order to experience its benefits fully. This may be one reason why people tend to feel less energetic and experience more aches and pains at this stage of life.

Restoring pH Balance

One of the many benefits of Resveratrol is that it counteracts the effects of poor pH balance, especially when internal acidity levels are too high. Acidosis can be the cause of excess fatigue, arterial plaques, arthritis and a number of additional ailments that people become far more prone to developing as the years pass. The typical diet encourages a higher than normal acidity level, whether through the inclusion of processed foods or large quantities of meat. Ample doses of Resveratrol may be able to counteract some of these effects.
For those with chronic or systemic yeast infections or other fungal infections, a diet that is high in Resveratrol can have a number of important benefits. Choosing to consume fresh fruits with their skins intact is one of the best ways to make this inclusion. Small doses of red wine during the evening hours and a dedicated effort to avoid highly acidic foods such as red meat will facilitate a faster return to internal pH balance and overall good health.

Lowering the Likelihood of Stroke, Heart Disease and Diabetes

Another benefit of Resveratrol is that it can reduce the formation of blood clots, specifically those that lead to cancer and heart diseases. If you are on a natural program to increase blood circulation, whether for enhanced toxin removal or improved sexual functioning among other things, Resveratrol can be an appropriate addition to your program for its thinning properties. This also makes it an effective tool for warding off varicose veins and the pain and physical discomfort that is often associated with them. Commonly called the miracle molecule, it has shown marked effectiveness in preventing stroke and lowering the likelihood of developing type 2 Diabetes.
There are even claims that Resveratrol can heal DNA at the cellular level and restore damaged genes. Understanding this, however, you should avoid attempting to replenish your internal Resveratrol supply by consuming an excess of red wine. This can be more detrimental to the body than good for it. It is better instead to drink moderate amounts of red wine on a routine basis and fill your diet with lots of dark colored fruits that are known to provide this beneficial antioxidant.

Increasing Longevity and Enhancing Life Quality

Although a diet that contains ample amounts of Resveratrol definitely has its advantages, its ability to promote long life in invertebrates is a matter of debate. Some have called this antioxidant the elixir or youth, however, others are not so sure that certain of the heath improvements gained from drinking red wine are derived directly from this particular molecule. The tannins in red wine are known to hold many of the same benefits as Resveratrol, making it impossible, some say, to discern which elements of red wine are causing the most positive changes to arise.
Studies that have been conducted specifically on Resveratrol, however, have shown that this antioxidant can extend the life span of obese mice, fruit flies, short-lived fish and certain species of worms. In humans, the ability to counteract the negative effects of high acidity or acidosis will definitely decrease the likelihood of many physical ailments. With a lowered risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other common and life-shortening illnesses, people will be able to enjoy longer lives when ample doses are present in the diet. Thus, in spite of the ongoing debate, it is also certain that these individuals will experience a significantly increased life quality in their later years, given the reduced incidences of arthritis, other forms of joint pain, varicose veins, fungal infections, bacterial infections, high blood sugar, cancer and inflammation.

Choosing a Good Supplement

It is important to note that antioxidants are prone to absorbing oxygen, especially when they are processed and distributed in the form of a supplement. If you want to get the freshest, purest doses of Resveratrol, you should consume more strawberries, blackberries, dark purple grapes, blueberries and moderate quantities of red wine. Fresh products like these can have a number of immediate benefits for the body. When selecting a Resveratrol supplement, however, you should make sure that it is produced by a reputable and trusted company and that it is sold in an airtight bottle and airtight capsules.

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