Who Would You Share a Glass of Wine With?

Who Would You Share a Glass of Wine With?

Over on our Facebook Fan Friday, we asked “If you could pick anyone in the world to share a bottle of wine with (past or present), who would it be?” The responses were as diverse as varietals of wine. Some where sentimental, some were of celebrities, and some were icons. Below are some of the standouts…

Winner – Nicole

“My Great Grandma, Noni. She was a 100% Italian and had pasta dinners for the whole family every Sunday night. Food and wine were had by all. She was a very loved Noni, missed everyday.”

Honorable Mentions

“Dave Matthews. He is a wonderful artist (singer) and I would love to sit and drink a bottle of wine with him.” – Megan

“Walt Disney” – Holly F.

“Julia Child” – Yassamin H.

“Anne Boleyn, King Henrys 8th Wife” – Chelsea H.

“Marilyn Monroe” – Gennifer B. & James B.

Great Work Everyone! Check out our Fan Friday page on our Facebook page to enter this week’s contest. We are getting hungry just thinking about it.

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