What Kind of Wine Mom are You?

What Kind of Wine Mom are You?

Wine is the official drink of moms everywhere. It’s sophisticated, like mom. Beautiful, like mom. And multi-layered, like mom. Guess what else? They’re both at their best when you let them breathe a little. Hint, hint. Ready for more wine mom humor? We asked Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides, “What kind of wine mom are you?” Here are some of their answers.

My son asked me what “grandma name” I wanted when their baby comes. I said I didn’t know, but one of my friends is called “Cookie” because there are always yummy cookies at her house. He replied, “Sure, but Nana Wine doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?” – Jody Dvorak

Safety First Wine Mom

Wine Guide Carissa Paxton is a “safety-first” kind of wine mom, protecting those bottles on her way to a wine tasting.

From 6 am to 8 pm I am Beverly Goldberg, ultimate Smother Mother. Then wine! I celebrate a good day or relax after a stressful one with a glass of red. Except on Mondays, I don’t want to get a reputation … – Samantha Rogers

I think I am a “what side of the bed did my kids wake up on vs. how many bottles of wine do I have?” … kind of mom. – Shealyn Redfield

I’m the kind of wine mom who is only in charge of the wine for Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrations, no casseroles. – Taylor Colley

My children whine, so I wine with Traveling Vineyard. – Joy Shabelski-Finger

I’m the kind of wine mom who sometimes needs a glass after bed time, in fact sometimes I need a glass to make it to bed time! – Ashley Lawton Converse

After the munchkins are down for the count it’s Mommy’s time to sip on some wine and catch up on shows … my favorite way is enjoying a glass of red wine by the campfire and listening to the kids come up with hilarious ghost stories in the summertime. – Nicole Zavaski

Six o’clock at night.
Daughter: Mom I need help with my school project!
Me: when is it due?
Daughter: tomorrow!
Me: Hold on let me get a glass of wine!
– Jennifer Knudson –

I am a wine mom who enjoys sleepless nights, who enjoys the fussiness all newborns can bring … The perfect day is when you can achieve at least one household chore, and if it’s laundry you should win a gold medal! The end of a perfect day is having a nice glass of wine followed by the absolute best baby snuggles you can get. – Jessica Leach

Size does matter … when it comes to your glass of wine. – Cara Johnson

“This was my daughter’s 1st grade Mother’s day gift to me, and the elementary school I work at got quite a chuckle (luckily, we all have a good sense of humor!).” – Erin Gjerde

I’m the kind of mom who brings a bottle of the good stuff to playdates, knows that Goldfish crackers go with every wine, and that a wine glass is the perfect accessory to complement my yoga pants. – Marisa Conaway

You’ve heard of flying by the seat of your pants, right? It kind of means learning as you go … well my approach to motherhood can best be described as flying by the stem of my glass! – Gretchen Miller

I am the kind of mom that is looking for advice on what wine pairs best with 3 weeks worth of laundry. – Whitney Latzig

My two toddlers are my greatest blessings in life. They are the driving force behind my #wineguidelife … I have tried SO many different types of wine because of them. – Nikki Mason

My mom wine style has always been about living life with humor and never taking yourself too seriously. One thing that has had a serious upgrade is general fashion sense and taste in wine! – Jenn Bruns

I’m the wine mom who joined Traveling Vineyard to make extra money and give her kids a better life. – Lindsey Kleintop

I’m a weekend wine mom. During the week, I’m all about my kids homework, packing lunches, doing laundry, running troop meetings, and kissing boo-boos. Once Friday afternoon hits, they’re at their dad’s house and Traveling Vineyard is my new baby! I trade kid cuddles for corkscrews, parenting for Pinot Noir, and whining for wine tastings. Life is all about balance, right? – Katie LaFreniere

We couldn’t agree more. Cheers to all the moms out there! It’s your weekend to wine, so enjoy every sip!

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