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What is your Perfect Setting to Enjoy Wine?

Over on our Facebook Page, we have been having a blast reading through all your submissions for our Fan Friday contest. Last week the question was ‘What is your Perfect Setting to Enjoy Wine?’ Your responses were creative, funny, and most importantly heartfelt. We believe at The Traveling Vineyard that there is no better way to enjoy wine than with friends and family. And after reading through the submissions, it seems you agree. We’ve put together some of our favorites below, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Make sure to head over to our Facebook Page to enter this week. If your suggestion is chosen, we will send out a FREE TTV accessory.

Winner – Teresa B.

“My perfect setting is wine down Wednesday to enjoy a glass of wine. We are all busy and by midweek, it’s truly a pleasure to have friends over for pasta and chocolate.The delta breeze happens about 6:30 pm. The stories are pouring forth as is the wine, we are relaxing in the backyard and all is well. Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ~Andre Simon

Honorable Mentions:

“I live in St. Louis MO. We have a floor to celling stone wood burning fireplace. So my favorite place to drink wine is, in front of a roaring fire with a big glass of bold cabernet sauvignon, the fire warms it ever so slightly and enriches the flavor, while I am watching snow outside and sitting next to my husband. Now, that is a good night! “ – Laurie

“The perfect setting to enjoy wine is on our boat with friends, anchored at the sand bar on a bright sunny day with a nice white wine, frozen blueberries and strawberries, with sweet music in the background.” – Corralee B.

“I would have to say that a perfect place for me to enjoy wine would have to be in the country on a hillside looking over a vineyard just as the sun is setting with the someone special in my life.” – Kari H.

“Favorite place to enjoy wine…. is at sunset here in Twentynine Palms. With the sun going down over the moutains with soft fluffy clouds and all the oranges, pinks and purples in the sky. With my husband beside me snuggling and kissing. That is the perfect setting to enjoy wine.” – Bobbi L.

“Perfect setting: Sitting outdoors at a Temecula winery with good friends, all of us sipping on our favorite wines, surrounded by rolling hills of vineyards with luscious clusters of growing grapes starting to turn purple. The sun glows on the hills and the light breeze makes us all comfortable. Another name for this setting: heaven!” – Susan M.

Home Office:

We wanted to get in on the fun too.

“Sharing a bottle of red with my wife as we battle it out over a highly competitive game of Boggle.” – Tim W.

” There is nothing better than the time of year when summer is turning into fall – my perfect setting is wine on the beach at the end of the day with friends, when it’s still warm enough to feel the hot sun on your face, but cool enough to be wrapped in a blanket.” – Christine B.

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