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What is your Perfect Date? (with wine of course)

This week for Fan Friday, we asked what is your perfect date. As usual, we had really great answers. From outdoor concerts to grilling steaks with your wife, you guys really know a good date night.

Winner – Walt T.

After traveling all week, my wife and I have a ritual Friday night: Barbecue a steak and baked potato with a top Cabernet Sauvignon from California. We have doing this for 27 years, so I guess it works!

Honorable Mentions

“A heated game of scrabble while sipping on a nice bottle of wine.” – Coranita Turner

“Relaxing over a dinner grilled on the BBQ, with a great bottle of Montepulciano. Then, starting a pit fire and laying out over the stars drinking more wine.” – TK H.

“My love and I sitting on our back deck overlooking the lake just sipping on the perfect wine!” – Brenda G.

“With my besties on the patio with buckets of chilled (wine) no kids husband or boyfriends just chattin about nothing :)” – Angela M.

Home Office

“At night up at Cranes Castle to see an outdoor concert, the views are amazing and the smell of the ocean makes for a perfect setting at the end of a summer day. A glass of wine, a loaf of good bread with cheese and some fruit.” – Sheryl

“My favorite date night is a delicious dinner at a favorite restaurant – then my husband & I will come home, open a bottle of wine, play Van Morrison & dance on the kitchen floor. Those are the best nights!” – Christine

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