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What is the Most Memorable Place you've enjoyed a glass (or bottle) of wine?

Lots of great responses for our Fan Friday question of the week. We asked, ‘What is the Most Memorable Place you’ve enjoyed a glass (or bottle) of wine?’. The responses ranged from enjoying the simpler things in life to trips half around the world.

Winner – Kellie W.

“A couple years ago I studied abroad in Italy. My mom and aunt came to italy to celebrate my birthday and we were spending a few days at a vineyard in Tuscany. On my birthday we sat out on the patio and had a wonderful dinner, and bottle (or two) of vino. The sun was setting over the vineyard and it was the perfect evening!”

Honorable Mentions

“I surprised my dad for his birthday in Lone Tree, Colorado – we enjoyed a little bit more than one bottle! We stayed up all night sipping and listening to oldies from country music classics to Dean Martin. It was a fabulous night! He sadly passed away a few months later, but I couldn’t have asked for a more special memory!” – Kelly

“The deck of the MS Radamis, Aswan Dam, Egypt!” – Savannah B.

“About 7 miles away, on my girlfriend of 20+ years patio..her and her husband are the best and enjoying a bottle of wine with them makes me feel like I’m at an exotic resort as they make the venture of drinking, so relaxing.” – Tammy M.

“On the wine and cheese train in Strasburg, PA for my hubby’s and I’s 10 anniversary this year.” – Stacey M.

“The most memorable place I enjoyed a glass of wine was on a sail boat cruising around Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. The sun was out, the kids skin-surfed behind the boat and I enjoyed al lovley Austrian Velvetiner on the gently rocking boat! A great day.” – Regina A.

“A state park just off the New River after a six hour raft trip” – Curtis B.

“A little fondue restaurant in the foothills near Colorado Springs. A different wine with every course and the best dessert wine with the chocolate fondue!” – Traci M.

Home Office

“Sitting at Green’s Restaurant in San Francisco, on the 2nd night of my honeymoon enjoying a Napa Cab as the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge with about 20 seals in the foreground.” – Tim

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