Traveling Vineyard Rookie Hits a Home Run in First Month

Traveling Vineyard Rookie Hits a Home Run in First Month

And the story of this rookie from Albany, New York just keeps getting better.

“It’s exciting to have hit it out of the park on the first time up at bat,” says Jeremy Sherman modestly. “I really never saw myself in a sales capacity. I never thought I could do it.”

Jeremy’s story is not only confirmation that positive energy brings about positive results. It’s also testimony to the Traveling Vineyard statistic that for every event you conduct, two guests will want to book a future Traveling Vineyard event!

The Traveling Vineyard’s Home based business opportunity is the real deal, for a nominal upfront investment in owning your own direct sales business for $174 with the potential to earn a $99 rebate in your first 60 days attracted folks just like Jeremy. If you are a stay at home mom or a wine enthusiast of any type, do yourself a favor and check out what Jeremy checked out. We’d love to have you come and stomp some grapes with us!

The Traveling Vineyard: How did you hear about the Traveling Vineyard?

Jeremy: It was in a text from my sister that I first learned about the Traveling Vineyard. She went to a wine tasting event in late October and introduced me to the concept. She asked me if I’d like to host an event. I have a new apartment, I love to entertain, and I love wine. So, I booked a party for November.

Heather West, Two Star Leader and my sponsor, conducted the event. We had lots of food and a good crowd in my apartment. As I listened to Heather’s presentation, I knew that this was right up my alley. I was looking for part-time work. I work in higher education and I thought, “How do I get involved in this business?”

I signed on with Heather and she has been a great mentor! It was somewhat “baptism by fire” for my first event. At the beginning of December, a host who booked a wine tasting through another company called the TTV home office because the other company cancelled her event. She was looking for another company to conduct a wine tasting for her. Corporate contacted Heather who in turn contacted me because she couldn’t accommodate the host. I didn’t know a single person in the room, but the event was a huge success!

The Traveling Vineyard: What inspired you out of the gate?

Jeremy: In November, my goal was to have two qualified events in 60 days, to meet the $1,500 threshold to earn the supply credit, and to hit $3,000 to get the two tasting set bonuses. These were the guidelines of the consultant incentive program. I was up for the challenge.
Then, in January I ramped things up and worked hard to get events. I believe in the product and I’m eager. So it was a domino effect. I had two tastings in December and two guests booked off of the first one. Then, additional guests books off of those events. (Editor’s Note: This is proof that it truly works – just as Rick Libby explains in his video! (Check it out on the web site)

Jeremy “Blackjack” Sherman

By networking more with friends and family, I now have seven events coming up – if the weather holds out. I’m really anticipating more events with the outdoor entertaining that comes in warmer weather.

The Traveling Vineyard: Do you have any direct sales experience?

Jeremy: I have no direct sales experience. I’ve never been a fan of sales because I always envisioned a used car salesman. But I have more confidence in this product. Our Wine Director hits a home run with the wines every time. I’ve already bought a case of wine for myself. I used to shop at larger grocery/wine stores, but there’s no comparison. I haven’t gone to a wine store since joining TTV!

The Traveling Vineyard: What’s your approach when you conduct an event?

Jeremy: I like to experiment with wines. I think it’s exciting. I’m willing to try anything once – so I’ve sampled many different varietals. I enjoy comparing the flavors that come from different aging techniques and when wines are produced differently. I also like to understand what contributes to the flavors you’re getting in the wine – when it was harvested, the climate, the soil, etc. I don’t want guests to be intimidated. I’ve found that if I show enthusiasm for this when I pour the wines, people walk away feeling like they’ve learned something. I’m not a wine snob. I don’t need to know everything, but I like to share interesting factoids.
Wine has been a part of various cultures for centuries – in many different levels of society, in religious practices, at times of celebration and with various cuisines. I want to incorporate that attitude – that it’s part of life. I’m a foodie and wine is an affordable part of that lifestyle.
I look at wine like an art form. When you look at a painting you analyze it and appreciate the colors, patterns, brush strokes, etc. It’s no different with wine. There’s a lot that goes into each vintage.

The Traveling Vineyard: What are your favorite TTV wines at the moment?

Jeremy: That’s tough to say. Right now my favorite white is the 2009 Kuri, Limari Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Chile (CHI127) $14.99 and I have three favorite reds, the 2010 Bailando, Famatina Valley Bondarda, Argentina (ARG040) $14.99 the 2008 Bailando, Mendoza Malbec, Argentina (ARG036) $14.99 and the 2006 Tria, Pinot Noir, California (CAL908) $24.99.

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