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Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track with Your 2021 Goals

Katie LaFreniere is a teacher, mom, and a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard. Sometimes things get a little hectic, especially when trying to stay on track with her 2021 goals. But with one goal under her belt already, we invited Katie to be a Guest Blogger and share a few tricks (and sips) she has up her sleeve for achieving her 2021 goals.

Celebrate your goal achievement with Luxx Merlot! Write your goal on this special bottle of red wine, and when you meet your goal, uncork and celebrate!

I feel like it’s safe to say that no one was really sad to flip the calendar page to 2021. We’ve all seen that meme at this point: It’s twenty years from now, you’re at a restaurant, and they offer you the 2020 vintage. Do you drink it?

I decided to kick those 2020 vibes to the curb and usher in 2021 with hope, positivity, and a plan. And, of course, I had to get some of my friends in on the fun because we all know that when you have a group to hold you accountable, you’re more likely to stick to the goals you’ve set. My friends are not only my go-to wine sharing crew, but this year they’re going to be my accountability squad. Our plan is to throw a themed get together each month in order to share our goal progress and to taste Traveling Vineyard’s newest offerings.

Bullet Journals & Bellinis

If you’re new to the world of bullet journaling, you can find more information here. My favorite part of bullet journaling is decking out my pages with bright colors and fun stickers. I blame it on being raised in the Lisa Frank-obsessed 90s. I had a blast channeling my inner twelve-year-old girl while creating my pages, but if simple and muted is more your style, do what works for you! If you’re new to wine bellinis, well, let me tell you, your life is about to change for the better. Bellinis are mimosa’s posh, Italian cousin. Made with peach puree instead of orange juice, they are the silky, not-quite-a-smoothie refreshing reboot your next brunch needs. We swapped the traditional Prosecco for Pajama Drama Malvasia Bianca and have no regrets. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a bottle of Fissata Blonde or Beeline lingering on your wine rack, don’t be afraid to bring her to the party. Any sweet white, bubbly white, or semi-sweet white will do! Check out this recipe link, then thank me later.

I have a confession—even in this digital age, I’m a pen and paper person. This might be the teacher in me, but I get giddy over new pens that write with just the right glide across a crisp page. It’s akin to that feeling when you sip your first taste of a new vintage of your favorite wine. (Lancre Rosé, anyone?) I make lists for everything. I even keep handwritten wine tasting notes. So, bullet journaling and wine bellinis seemed like the perfect pairing for the day.

Stay Motivated with a Vision Board

Once we quenched our collective thirst, we got to work on our next task: vision boards. I love vision boards because they act as a visual representation of your goals and intentions, thus empowering you to manifest your goals. Or, at least that’s what the hope is! One of my Traveling Vineyard related goals this year is to earn a promotion to Team Leader and another is to earn the Luxx Getaway incentive trip from Traveling Vineyard, so those are front and center on my vision board. I think it’s important when creating a vision board to not only include visuals that will remind you of your goals, but also visual reminders of your values, interests, and things that you’re looking forward to. One thing that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced last summer, is Traveling Vineyard’s annual Harvest convention. This is where Wine Guides from all over the country come together to talk shop, try some of the new wines in our pipeline, and to connect over our common interest—wine! Who wouldn’t be looking forward to that?

Wine Bottle Inspiration

Now, my friends aren’t Wine Guides (bummer for them, right?) but I introduced them to a long-standing Wine Guide tradition. We each wrote one of our major, yet attainable, goals for the year on a bottle of Luxx Merlot, which is one of our extra special red wines. Once we crush that goal, our reward is the luscious, oh-so-mouthwatering, delicious Merlot that’s trapped inside. Sharing is optional. If you want this year to be your most memorable vintage yet, my advice is to craft your vision, set attainable 2021 goals, and write those goals on your very own bottle of Luxx. What’s more motivational than a bottle of wine just waiting to be uncorked?

Don’t forget to tag Traveling Vineyard on Instagram with @travelingvineyard when you share the pic of your goal written on a Luxx Merlot bottle (and when you eventually uncork it so we can celebrate your success!).

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