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The Traveling Vineyard Joins Forces with Award-Winning Food Bloggers

The Traveling Vineyard has unveiled a new Food and Wine Pairings section of their website complete with detailed explanations for why certain dishes marry with particular Traveling Vineyard wines and links to cooking instructions. The new web content is the result of several unique relationships with award-winning food bloggers from across the U.S. as well as Indonesia and Italy.

Several food bloggers have been winners in SAVEUR magazine’s Annual Best Food Blog contest and have been featured in the popular food and wine publications of The Harvard Common Press, one of the nation’s leading publishers of high-quality cookbooks.

The new food and wine web pages include mouth-watering recommendations for your dining table, engaging photography, and light-hearted commentary. Each exclusive Traveling Vineyard wine is paired with multiple recipes. In turn, each recipe provides recommendations for multiple Traveling Vineyard selections that work with the recipe. The website will be regularly updated with fresh food and wine content as more experts join forces with The Traveling Vineyard.

Rick Libby, Traveling Vineyard’s Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader stated, “One of our main missions is to take the intimidation out of wine. This enhancement to our website brings fun, useful food pairings and wine education to our wine-loving audience. After attending one of our in-home wine-tasting events or receiving our wine as a gift, customers can return to our website for wine information that will enhance their wine-drinking pleasure.

“This wine content also capitalizes on the growing segment of food media. It is particularly relevant with the increasing popularity of Pinterest, as so much of the food and wine experience is visual. Visitors can browse our online cellar, comment on both food and wine suggestions and share their interest with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It allows us to have helpful dialogue with our wine lovers.”

Rick remarks, “Our wines end up in the hands of many wine lovers beyond those that attend our in-home wine tasting events. This is an opportunity for us to reach those wine lovers with value-added wine knowledge to deepen their enjoyment of our wines. Our food and wine pairing content provides much more than what you see on the back of a wine label. It helps consumers better understand the interaction between food and wine.”

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