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How Daniel Discovered His Ideal Home Business in Wine

Daniel Kennedy is a Connecticut-based Wine Guide whose wine journey started in 2017 after he attended a Traveling Vineyard event. It’s actually quite common for attendees to fall in love with our business after their personal experience. Today, Daniel is sharing his “wine guy” story with us on the blog, and we invite you read about his journey as you consider this home business opportunity for yourself. Thanks, Daniel!

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When one of your best friends calls you and says, “I have food and I have wine. Come over!” What do you do? You go. No brainer, right? That is exactly what happened to me in early 2017. Little did I know that the direction of my life would be changed forever with that one simple phone call.

Daniel Kennedy is about to celebrate four years of his home wine business. One of his favorite perks is attending our annual Harvest conference for Wine Guides. Daniel is pictured here in Las Vegas in 2018.

It was a dark and stormy night in … just kidding! It was a typical New England winter night when I was invited to bring a friend with me to try wine and food. Winters here are grey and cold with not much to do, so I jumped on it. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love food and wine!

As we arrived, we were escorted inside. The table was set with small plates, lots of snacks, and wine glasses. A few other guests arrived, and we got started. To my surprise, it was a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event. Now, I’ve been to wine tastings before. The wineries around here can get noisy, crowded, and you strain your ears to hear the snippet of information about the wine the host behind the bar is pouring in your glass. But this was different.

Did I care that my friend was reading off note cards? No. Did I care that he had as little knowledge of wine as I did? No. All that mattered to me was that it was fun, engaging, and educational. As the evening progressed, I figured out very quickly what this was all about.

Over the years, I have joined a couple different direct selling companies and was not impressed. I had zero interest in joining another, but I also knew that I had fallen in love with wine. David, the host, and I had been to many wineries together and we would joke about owning our own winery one day and what it would be like. Well, after the tasting, he said to me, “You’re an idiot if you don’t do this with me!” And he was right.

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So, one night after two months of research and an entire bottle of wine later, I signed up to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide and haven’t looked back.

I didn’t join for the financial reward. I didn’t even join to make friends! I joined because I wanted a fun way to learn more about wine, yet it has grown into more than I could have ever imagined!

I quit my miserable banking job and am now pursuing multiple certifications in wine to continue my education. I have found a true passion and have met the most incredible Wine Guides that have supported and inspired me, and I’ve gained lifelong customers. And of course, the financial reward is a nice perk—I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid to drink wine?

My entire life changed with just one simple invitation and I don’t regret one moment of this experience.

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