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Thankful for Wine: A Wine Guide Gratitude List

Thanksgiving is hands down the best holiday of the year. The wine is flowing and so is the gratitude—for our friends, families, blessings and more. We asked our Wine Guides to share what they’re most grateful for when it comes to being a wine entrepreneur with Traveling Vineyard! Here are the top 5 reasons Wine Guides are giving thanks this holiday along with personal testimonials that had us reaching for the tissues.


“So thankful for the family that this company has become. When things get hard, personally, I realize I’ve started turning to my wine family first. There is such a deep bond that forms through the amazing experiences we have been given. This opportunity has changed my family’s life and we will never be the same. Traveling Vineyard for life!” – Elizabeth Allen, Emerald Director

“I am thankful that I ‘work’ for a direct selling company that completely raises the bar and supports us in an unprecedented way. I have met and befriended so many amazing people since becoming a Wine Guide, not to mention all of the new wines I’ve been able to experience!” – Desiree Abare, Wine Guide

“Friendship. Traveling Vineyard has introduced me to people in my little community I have never met before and helped me build relationships with people all over the country.” – Alex Potter, Two-Star Leader


“Being a full-time mom who had put herself in a bubble for so many years, this company has provided me with the opportunities to break free of my shell, become more independent, gain new friends, reconnect with old ones and just have a whole new outlook on life. Because of Traveling Vineyard, I have become a better mom, wife, and friend. I have gained a sense of accomplishment and better self-worth. This company has truly changed my life in more ways than can be explained and I am beyond grateful for that.” – Autumn Stivers, Three-Star Leader

“I am most thankful that I’ve finally found something that I LOVE. I didn’t love being a branch manager of a bank. I didn’t LOVE being a retail manager of a store in the mall. But I LOVE being a Wine Guide and having FUN at, dare I call it, work?!” – Brandi Tucker, Team Leader

“I’m most thankful for the fulfilling purpose it offers me. I am a person who needs to identify as someone other than just mom. I’m the wine lady!” – Samantha Long, Three-Star Leader

Watch this 20-minute video for a taste of what being a Wine Guide is like.


“I am thankful for the flexibility of time that is now allowing me to spend more time with my family and to care for their needs. At my 9-5, it didn’t allow me to go to doctor appointments, or to drop what I’m doing and go home. Now I can, and it’s made a remarkable change in my happiness and sense of worth to my family!” – Daniel Kennedy, Two-Star Leader

“I am thankful for the friendships I have made, the flexibility to stay home with my children during the week, for being able to contribute to my family financially, the fun I have at each and every wine tasting, and mostly how fulfilled I feel when I am able to take my team bonuses and give back to various charities.” – Ashley Incorvaia, Senior Team Leader

“Flexibility. I needed to step away from my business for a few months but it was right there waiting for me when I decided to pick it up again.” – Kirsten Havskjold, Two-Star Leader

“I’m thankful for the flexibility of this business. I am able to work this business around my life, flex my wine tasting schedule as necessary so I can still enjoy time with my family and know I can increase my tasting schedule as necessary when we have unexpected bills to pay or want to get or do something special.” – Ashleigh Campbell, Ruby Director


“I am thankful for the wedding I was able to provide my daughter, the debt I have paid off, the amazing lifelong friends I have made and the new worth I have found in myself. I absolutely love training and empowering other women to build their businesses as well.” – Penny Notarnicola, Director

“I am most thankful for the financial side and being able to buy my first newer car on my own using my commissions to make my car payment every month and paying for the insurance is a plus!” – Melissa Kolrud, One-Star Leader


“I am thankful for the chance to help people discover all they never knew about wine, and to watch them relax and enjoy.” – Shiryl Barto, Three-Star Leader

“I am thankful to be a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard because it gives me a break from my stressful full-time job. It allows me to meet new people, make great friendships, share my love of wine with others and HAVE FUN! Sharing our amazing wine products and earning money for my son’s activities outside of school, family vacations, and even covering unexpected bills in the household is also a HUGE bonus! I am grateful for Rick Libby and his cheerleaders for the support Traveling Vineyard provides to help run my business.” – Amanda White, One-Star Leader

“I am thankful for this amazing company—and it’s positive, caring, loving and fun culture … I love that it has changed so many lives for the better: Wine Guides, the charity causes, etc. I love and am grateful that as Wine Guides and a company we make a difference in the world!” – Stephanie Keenan Re, Two-Star Leader

“I’m thankful for the wine. What was I drinking before Traveling Vineyard came into my life?!” – Nikki Godfrey, Wine Guide

We love everything about this! Thank you for your words and for giving us all the warm fuzzies we can handle! Happy Thanksgiving to our Wine Guide tribe and all our wine lovers!

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