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Thankful for Our Wine Community

We’re thankful every day for our entire wine community. From our wine lovers to our winemakers. We’ve weathered quite a year together, and we thank you for venturing with us into the world of virtual wine tastings and Sip Kits, as well as making us your choice for wine shipped to your door. None of this would be possible without the energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and absolute passion of our Wine Guides.

Each of our Wine Guides are independent, small business owners sharing their love of wine through virtual wine tastings, home tastings, personal wine shopping, and so much more. They’re often known as the Wine Lady or the Wine Guy in their communities, and they love giving back within those very same communities. As we all celebrate a unique Thanksgiving this year, it’s more important than ever to give grace and love—and gratitude—for everything that has sustained us this year. Cheers to our Wine Guides, their families, and to all of you who have supported their businesses across the country. Wishing you a warm, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving.

It means the world to me to know that family, friends, and the people I’ve recently met along my Wine Guide journey will reach out to me when they’re in need of wine. Their support of my small business has become invaluable and it warms my heart!

Nancy Kollhoff | Wine Guide
Erica Collins | Established 2017

I’m so thankful for my Traveling Vineyard Business as it has given me so many new friends and getting to share my love of wine with others. I’m even more thankful for my team. Their support in the business and everyday life is truly amazing.

Jessica Landisio is a Wine Guide in Connecticut.
Jessica Landisio | Established 2016

Traveling Vineyard has truly been a blessing in my life. When I first found Traveling Vineyard, I received the recognition I was missing from my full-time job. I met so many amazing friends who have become family. Fast forward four years and we’re living in a crazy world. I’m so grateful to have had a successful Traveling Vineyard business to fall back on when my full-time job was eliminated. Every time I get an order, I do a happy dance and yell to my husband “I got another order! I got another order!” What used to pay for a dinner out for me and my husband now helps to pay our mortgage and electric bill. For that, I’m eternally thankful for the opportunity I was given with Traveling Vineyard and each and every single one of my customers.

Nancy Kollhoff | Established 2019

One of the things I’m most thankful for in the Traveling Vineyard business is that there are so many ways to succeed. I started this as a way to have some fun and to make my introverted self get out of the house and be around people so I didn’t turn into a hermit in my retirement. COVID has had some impact on that, but it hasn’t completely stopped it. Just two months after I signed up, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The financial rewards I receive from being a Wine Guide have now become important, too. My Traveling Vineyard income is helping pay the medical bills I didn’t expect to have. It means the world to me to know that family, friends, and the people I’ve recently met along my Wine Guide journey will reach out to me when they’re in need of wine. Their support of my small business has become invaluable and it warms my heart!

Kiersten Ray-Kuhn is a 10-year Wine Guide and elite leader in Missouri.
Kiersten Ray-Kuhn | Established 2010

My customers purchasing from me, inviting me into their homes and referring me to friends has provided countless blessings over the years. The most important was being able to turn this “side hustle” into a full-time career, that allowed me to put my family first and never miss a moment. As my babies get older (they will always be my babies, #momfact), I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be their mama full-time, all thanks to my customers. And as a boy mom, I sure am thankful for wine discounts.

Kathleen Evans | Established 2016
Kathleen Evans is a Wine Guide in Ohio.

I love to give back and this time of the year is so special to me. This week, I spent a couple of days delivering turkeys. Four years ago I initiated Turkeys to Tables. I reach out to my local community and hand out turkeys to those in need. Every family deserves a turkey for Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for the continued support from customers, friends and family. Without their support of my small business, Turkeys to Tables would not be possible. I am also thankful for Traveling Vineyard for offering me the opportunity to become a Wine Guide and for the financial ability to make Turkeys to Tables possible. Best decision ever. My cup and heart is full and I am so blessed to be able to help those in need.

Samantha Bloch is a Wine Guide in Pennsylvania.

Samantha Bloch | Established 2018

This year, I am so thankful that Traveling Vineyard has not only given me the flexibility to run my business to fit the needs of my family, but also for the friendships. I know I have a second family that actually cares about me! It is the most amazing support system one could ask for … especially in 2020!

We at Traveling Vineyard wish all our fans, wine lovers, and community a Happy Thanksgiving! Please share your wine moments with us on Instagram this week by tagging us using @travelingvineyard. Your pictures connect us and bring us so much joy. Cheers to you on this day of gratitude!

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