Tasting Stories: I'm Already Planning the Next One

Tasting Stories: I'm Already Planning the Next One

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to Host a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting? Our Tasting Stories bring you inside real wine tasting events and tell you what made them memorable and fun for Hosts and Guests! Tasting Stories are inspired by Five-Star reviews submitted by real Hosts.

Our latest Tasting Story comes from Youngstown, Ohio, where Host Jennifer Maloney threw a wine tasting party with the help of Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Doug Riley. Doug has been a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard for almost three years and is now a Two-Star Leader in Canfield, Ohio. Jennifer met Doug while attending her friend’s wine tasting. She says, “I decided to schedule a tasting because Doug was so much fun and really made having a party easy and stress-free.”

“He was thorough and kept me informed through the entire experience. He is such a great and fun guy; we had a blast at the party,” says Jennifer.

Wine “Guy” Doug Riley received a Five-Star Review from Host Jennifer Maloney in Ohio.

Doug says he loved the fun atmosphere Jennifer and her Guests brought to the event, as well. “The tasting was so much fun; all of Jennifer’s friends were ready to enjoy some fabulous wines. I could tell it was going to be a fun group before I opened the first bottle.”

At Jennifer’s tasting, Doug introduced Guests to wines like Bella Mente Pinot Grigio, Ama Sempre Primitivo, and Fissata Red. Jennifer had a wide variety of foods, all of which paired well with the wine selection.

Doug’s main focus during his tastings is on teaching Hosts and Guests new things about wine, but he likes to add an entertaining twist. “I try to make my tastings fun, and give a little comedy show during the tasting. I had my ‘audience’ laughing throughout.”

“I think when Guests arrive, and hear that we’re going to be tasting wine and having a mini education session, they probably think it’s going to be ‘stuffy’ and not a whole lot of fun.” Doug shows them that tasting wine is fun, and interesting. “Once Jennifer poured the first wine and all of us did the lemon/grape demo, they were amazed how the flavor of the wine changed.” Sip by sip, the Guests became relaxed and engaged, laughing along with Doug and learning.

“Wow” moments, like the lemon/grape demonstration, are Doug’s favorite part of sharing wine with others. “After we go through the steps of tasting wine and I explain the 20/20 rule, I always hear someone say, ‘Wow! I never knew that,'” says Doug.

Jennifer says she is enjoying the wines she ordered, and is already planning her next tasting event. “I am planning on having a summer-themed tasting as soon as summer gets here! Of course, I will be calling Doug for that.”

Her advice to those thinking about Hosting? “I would tell anyone to not hesitate to book a party. You can literally be as simple or elaborate as you want! I would also tell someone to not be scared because it really is a fun, easy night for friends.”

Ready to book your own in-home wine tasting with your local Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide? Let us know, and we will connect you with your new wine bestie.

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