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Tasting Stories: French Wine and Fun in Indiana

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to Host a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting? Our Tasting Stories bring you inside real wine tasting events and tell you what made them memorable and fun for Hosts and Guests! Tasting Stories are inspired by Five-Star reviews submitted by real Hosts.

Our next tasting story comes to you from Wine Guide Sydney Brothers of Brownsburg, Indiana. Sydney, a Two-Star Leader, has been with Traveling Vineyard since January 2016 and describes her tasting style as fun. “I try to use humor at all the tastings I do!”

It was Sydney’s style that convinced Tammy Condon to Host her own in-home wine tasting with Sydney. “I met Sydney at our mutual friend Susi’s tasting. I had such a fun experience, I knew I had to host my own. Sydney was so knowledgeable and made the whole night fun for everyone.”

At Tammy’s tasting, she asked Sydney to help her celebrate her love for French wines. The food pairings were simple and elegant. “I went with cheeses, crackers, dried fruits, and chocolate,” says Tammy, “I’m a French teacher, so any time I can pair cheeses with wine, I’m up for it.”

Sydney wanted to make sure her host got the chance to try our French wine, Perique, for this event. “I like to cater to my Host’s likes.”

Sydney said Tammy and her Guests were all very inquisitive. “They liked learning about the temperatures of the red wine, and I showed them how to use the Wine Chiller with red wine. They were amazed at how the temperature affected the red wine.”

I love the social aspect of it.

We get to taste and talk, and just relax.

Tammy Condon

Tammy says Sydney was knowledgeable and made the whole night fun for everyone. “Normally, I’d just pass on the whites or the sweets (I love a dry red), but she made sure we all had a premium experience with each wine and I even ended up liking some I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.”

The wine was her favorite part of the experience. “Affordable and delicious. The selection is great, so there’s something for everyone.”

The overall experience was also a win for Tammy. “I love the social aspect of it. We get to taste and talk, and just relax. Traveling Vineyard wines are almost all I drink now.”

We can’t think of a better compliment! Thanks, Tammy!

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