spring charcuterie board with deviled eggs

Spring Snack Board for Your Next Wine Party

Wine Guide and Guest Blogger Brittany Loveless is dreaming of longer days, sunshine, and white wine—paired with the perfect spring snacks. Read on for her tips on what to include on your spring snack board, and the wines she recommends to have on hand.

Longer days and warmer weather are heading our way, sweeping the air with the light fragrance of blooming flowers and fresh cut grass. March 20 marks the first day of spring and all you need to do to celebrate is pour yourself a glass of refreshing white wine to pair with the season’s aromas! The time has come to cast aside those heartier casserole dishes and take a little step back from all the bolder red wines. I know that’s exactly what I plan on doing! Let’s step into springtime and start pairing those crisp white wines with some flavorful, lighter food fare.

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Every spring, Traveling Vineyard has a perfect assortment of white wine selections to kick off the season. I cannot wait to share how to incorporate these into your upcoming spring events including Easter and Mother’s Day. A simple and fun, eye catching menu item, is a spring inspired snack board. Traveling Vineyard wines are the perfect match to all those flavors to really impress your guests.

Charcuterie board with in season spring herbs and fruit
This beautiful snack board is inspired by spring herbs, fruits, and fresh flavors. It features some charcuterie and cheeses along with sweet and savory small bites. Perfect for white wine pairing!

Herbs and Cheese

Fresh herbs and citrus come to mind when I think of springtime, which is probably why Traveling Vineyard’s 2019 Jitterbug, Sauvignon Blanc has a very special place in my heart. This wine features a fresh floral and garden-like herb aroma, followed by juicy grapefruit and sweet pineapple.

Basil, which is a staple herb used in my springtime cooking, complements the taste profile of this wine and many of the appetizers you can use in your own snack board. In the middle of my snack board, I decided to spread my favorite basil pesto on a small plate topped with a melt in your mouth Burrata cheese ball. Burrata has a soft shell and a creamy center, making for a mild and fresh addition to a lighter fare spread. It’s also excellent with the basil and buttered toasted baguette.

Another light cheese option pictured, is an herbed goat cheese log. This cheese pairing neutralizes the acidity in the wine and amplifies the flavors in both the cheese and the wine. Our 2019 Lulo, Grüner Veltliner is a great wine alternative to Sauvignon Blanc having similar flavor profiles and goes well with goat cheese.

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My favorite addition to any goat cheese is to spread it on a cracker with a light drizzle of honey and top it with crushed pistachios. The salty and sweet combination on top of the cheese are an explosion of flavor when put altogether. Honey is a fantastic addition to any board because it enhances the flavor of the cheese and looks tasteful on the board. Be sure to use sparingly and not smother too much as you do not want to overpower the flavor of the cheese with its sweetness.

Charcuterie Meats

Every cheese board needs charcuterie meats and it’s no different with a snack board! Select your favorite salami slices, and for some spring flair, you can construct what I like to call the charcuterie rose! Layer the slices of meat around a wine glass rim until you have about two to three layers of sliced meats, then simply flip the glass over to release your beautiful, savory bloom.

Colorful Fruit

Seasonal fruit, such as strawberries, is a great addition to add freshness and a pop of color to any spring snack board. I highly recommend melon wrapped in prosciutto as it is an easy-to-prepare appetizer and always a hit. The salty and sweet combo sets up a unique pairing opportunity for dry acidic white wines such as 2019 Belle Mente, Pinot Grigio.

Something Savory

Deviled eggs are a must have appetizer for my family, especially at Easter. They are a flavorful and light snack that you can add to round out your board. Deviled eggs are wonderful with dry, acidic white wines. If you are looking to add a little pizazz to your classic egg game, I recommend this Basil and Parmesan Deviled Eggs recipe.

Lastly, the BEST thing about a snack board is that the possibilities are truly endless. Pick a theme and run with it! It will work for all types of events and entertaining. There is no wrong way to construct one, just fill in the space with your favorite small bites and you will be everyone’s favorite host!

Book your spring wine tasting now, and we will bring new white wines for you and your friends to sip and savor. Got a great idea for a snack board or grazing board? Message us on Facebook and we will add it to our list!

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