Rewined: Traveling Vineyard Wine Club

Rewined: Traveling Vineyard Wine Club

Box subscriptions make life so easy. Isn’t it time for a personalized wine subscription that comes right to your door? We thought so, too. Meet Rewined, our customizable wine club that wines you—and wines you again. Enjoy exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines you already love, and new varietals to explore, shipped to your doorstep every other month at a price that will love you back.

Don’t forget—you have your personal Wine Guide to help direct you on your journey. Whenever you have questions about a new wine, or need some pairing advice, your personal Wine Guide is there to add a human element to the box subscription experience. “Rewined has all the best things about a monthly wine subscription plus the expertise and friendship of your personal Wine Guide,” says Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness at Traveling Vineyard.

Sip, savor & repeat with our 5-star rated wine club

Sip: How it Works

You design each shipment to suit your wine-sipping style, needs, and budget using your very own Rewined dashboard on your desktop or mobile device. Mix and match bottles and discover new and exciting varietals with every shipment through our Winemaker Picks. Select wines from three different categories, including red, white and sweet selections. Your personalized subscription will be shipped to you on a bi-monthly basis that you control!

Rewined is a game changer for wine lovers! From our Winemaker Picks to our sweets, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Rick Libby, Chief Grape Stomper

With Rewined by Traveling Vineyard, you’re in the driver’s seat. After all, your wine needs change throughout the year. Rewined makes it easy to get exactly what you want when you want it. You may need extra bottles for the holidays or for that big backyard barbecue you’re hosting in the summer—add more bottles to your upcoming shipment! You may want to add an extra bottle of Fissata Red in honor of your best friend’s birthday, or two bottles of Double Date Sweet American Rosé for an upcoming mom’s night—go for it!

Savor: Exclusive Wines Delivered to Your Door

Rewined is a dynamic wine subscription that allows you to mix-and-match wine with each new shipment. You choose from our latest Winemaker Selections—pairs of red/red or red/white—and from our Customer Favorites to craft the mix for your personal wine fix!

Try our customer favorites Fissata Red & Double Date

Winemaker Selections feature our latest wines, and will introduce you to unique varietals grown in wine regions from South Africa to France to California, as well as exciting new vintages of popular red and white varietals. Our Winemaker’s Selections are personally selected by our wine team to deliver you award-winning wine.

Customer Favorites include Fissata Red and Double Date Sweet American Rosé. These are our most popular sweet wines, and with Rewined we’ve made them available as a subscription, so you’ll never have to go without your favorites! Our fun, fizzy Fissata Red and Double Date Sweet Rosé have been long-time customer favorites at our tasting events. Our sweet wine lovers have spoken—get our top sellers auto-shipped every other month and never run out of your favorite sweet sippers.

Repeat: Our Best Deal on Wine

Your Rewined shipment starts with a minimum of four bottles, and can include up to 16 bottles. You decide every month! The more bottles you order, the more you save on shipping. When your order includes six bottles or more, your shipping cost is FREE! Orders under six bottles, shipping is simply $5.95.

Edit your Rewined subscription at anytime through your Dashboard

With each shipment, you can change things up—so your wine journey will never get dull! Change your winemaker selections, add on additional bottles, and try our customer favorite sweets! Plus, you’ll access wine notes, exclusive recipes and food pairing tips right from your Rewined dashboard, and a personal Wine Guide to help you discover new favorites.

Rewards: It Pays to Love Wine

With every shipment you receive, we’ll not only keep the wine flowing, we’ll celebrate you every time with Reward Credits to use toward future add-on bottles. Fill your box with additional bottles before your shipment heads your way to try even more wines for the same shipping cost.

We also believe that wine is meant to be shared—that’s why we’ll give you $10 for every friend that subscribes using your personal referral link. Once you’re a Rewined member, you can access all your perks right in your personal dashboard. There’s so much to love!

Subscribe to Rewined today & get your wine on repeat!

What’s To Love:

From first click to first clink, we’ll guide you through each shipment so you can make the most of every sip.

  • Exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines delivered to your doorstep every other month
  • Personal Dashboard to manage subscriptions and account information 24/7
  • Access wine notes and more to guide you through every shipment
  • Ability to add-on featured products to upcoming shipments and save big on shipping
  • Earn Reward Credits with every single shipment to use toward future add-on bottles
  • Earn Referral Credits when you share your personal referral link with friends
  • Edit billing, shipping and personal information on the fly
  • Discover Sommology – and pair your wines like a pro
  • Reorder your favorites wines with ease – because great wines are worth repeating

How will Rewined wow you? Ask your Wine Guide for more information about Rewined. Need a Wine Guide? Find your nearest guide using our locator tool on our Rewined website, available at checkout!

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